Fun Week With Family

We just said “au revoir” to Mark’s brother and his wife after a whirlwind week of food, drink, and laughter. Here is a brief recap.

On Easter Sunday we drove 35 miles south of Paris to the gorgeous Chateau de Fontainebleau.


The next day we took the train to Reims, where we spent a sunny but breezy day.

We toured the Pommery Champagne House, which was an interesting mix of modern and old.




love these fun "single serving" bottles sold in bars

love these fun “single serving” bottles sold in bars

After a delicious lunch we visited the Reims Cathedral.




The next day we explored the Canal Saint-Martin area of Paris.


That night we ate dinner at Frenchie’s Wine Bar, where we got in line at 6:45 in order to get a table when it opened at 7:00. As always, the small plates and wine were delicious. This little place is worth the early arrival.


Wednesday we walked around the area surrounding the Eiffel Tower and enjoyed an amazing lunch at Au Bon Acceuil.

white asparagus soup

white asparagus soup

We had never experienced a cabaret show in Paris, so that night we went to Crazy Horse for a bit of adult entertainment. No photos were allowed during the show, but this was the stage before it started.


Thursday we wandered up Rue Saint Honore, admiring the windows and doing a little shopping. We then strolled the garden of Palais Royale and the Tuileries on our way home.





Our week ended with a memorable meal at another old favorite, Le Galopin.

This tiny, out-of-the-way place offers a set menu, scrawled and copied on a piece of white paper.



The seven- course menu is always fresh, inventive, and delightful.




On the way home we stopped by Sacre Coeur so they could have one last look at Paris.


At the beginning of the week our guests were shivering in their light coats, and by the end the coats were left at home. Spring appears to have set down her bags at last. Maybe she will stay awhile.IMG_2099


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2 responses to “Fun Week With Family

  1. Alison Bowen Lee

    Holy guacamole! Now your life is starting to exhaust me…so much gracious entertaining of friends and family. You are amazing…treating each new visitor as an opportunity to explore and admire and share. Thank you! Keep that adventurous spirit alive! xoxoxo, Alison

  2. Laurie

    What lucky family you have!❤️😘

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