I Was A Mal-Diva!!!

Bonjour y’all and I hope you have all enjoyed your President’s Day here in the U.S., or your regularly scheduled Monday elsewhere. Speaking of elsewhere—–

When Mark and I were in London we decided that we would end our extended holiday with a trip to a beach we probably wouldn’t visit from Texas. We considered the Seychelles, Mauritius, and the Maldives, and chose Cocoa Island in the Maldives. We flew from Paris, where we had been for the last week, and changed planes in Dubai before the final five-hour flight to Male. There we were met by a crew of six (!) guys who took our meager baggage and loaded us into a medium-sized speed boat, and then drove us across the water for forty-five minutes to the lovely Cocoa Island Resort on Cocoa Island.

By the time we arrived we were bleary -eyed and travel -rumpled, and very happy to be on the ground. It took us awhile to take in the beauty of this spot. Can you believe this water?


All of the rooms were set over the water and connected by a boardwalk. The one on the left was ours.IMG_6082The bathroom was behind the bed and the space where I stood to take this photo was a large sitting area. The doors from the sitting area opened onto a deck where we relaxed on the lounger and enjoyed the view.


When we got hot we walked down these steps right into that crystal water that was THE perfect temperature.

IMG_6098I didn’t take a photo of one of my favorite features of the room- an outdoor shower off the bathroom! It  was tastefully hidden behind the wooden fence you see in the top photo. Anyone else love an outdoor shower?

The resort was quite small- only thirty-three suites- and probably only two-thirds were occupied. The atmosphere was totally serene and private. If you wanted to avoid seeing other guests during your stay, it would not be difficult to do. We spent our days on our deck or on beach chairs close to the bar and the pool and beach.

IMG_6074There was only one restaurant, with tables under the roof or out on the sand. We ate all of our meals outside and enjoyed the gentle breezes and candlelight, and on two nights, very nice live (but quiet) music. We were blown away by the quality of the food, which was amazingly good and beautifully presented.


the bar


IMG_6073IMG_6091The hotel was beautiful yet understated, with impeccable service. Mark did a scuba dive and said the dive staff were professional and the equipment and boat were top of the line.

I skipped the scuba and opted instead for a massage. The spa was small, clean, and quiet- just as I like them to be.

Our five days went by all too quickly, and then we flew back to Paris, spent the night, and the next morning caught a plane to Houston.

We were tired. We were happy. We were home.


Cocoa Island



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3 responses to “I Was A Mal-Diva!!!

  1. Benita

    Wow! Absolutely beautiful!

  2. Laurie

    After reading this-I felt like I had enjoyed a respite! Thank you, sweet Kate!

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