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Snow Wanted!

When we went to bed Thursday night, snow was predicted for Paris.  We were fully expecting a Snow Day.  When I dragged myself to the window at 4:00 the next morning, it was indeed snowing.  I thought a Snow Day was guaranteed.  Alas, when I arose at 7:00, the snow was nowhere to be seen.  School was on.  Curses and gnashing of teeth were heard.

I went to Parc Monceau that morning for  my brisk walk, and saw a little evidence of the fleeting flakes.



According to my iPhone, our next chance of snow is not until next Wednesday.  Bah!

In the morning we take the TGV to Strasbourg, which has been getting snow this week, so perhaps we will see some while we are there.  We are really going to see France’s oldest Christmas market and Strasbourg’s lovely cathedral, but snow would be the cherry on top.  Or maybe I should say “the icing on the cake”, as we are also celebrating my sweet husband’s birthday this weekend.  Feel free to send him a birthday greeting in the comments section.  He has been known to read my blog.

Bon weekend to you all, mes amis.  Send snow!


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