Snow Wanted!

When we went to bed Thursday night, snow was predicted for Paris.  We were fully expecting a Snow Day.  When I dragged myself to the window at 4:00 the next morning, it was indeed snowing.  I thought a Snow Day was guaranteed.  Alas, when I arose at 7:00, the snow was nowhere to be seen.  School was on.  Curses and gnashing of teeth were heard.

I went to Parc Monceau that morning for  my brisk walk, and saw a little evidence of the fleeting flakes.



According to my iPhone, our next chance of snow is not until next Wednesday.  Bah!

In the morning we take the TGV to Strasbourg, which has been getting snow this week, so perhaps we will see some while we are there.  We are really going to see France’s oldest Christmas market and Strasbourg’s lovely cathedral, but snow would be the cherry on top.  Or maybe I should say “the icing on the cake”, as we are also celebrating my sweet husband’s birthday this weekend.  Feel free to send him a birthday greeting in the comments section.  He has been known to read my blog.

Bon weekend to you all, mes amis.  Send snow!


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15 responses to “Snow Wanted!

  1. Susan

    Bonne anniversaire Mark! Hope you see your neige in Strasbourg!

  2. Happy Birthday M Oui, I hear that many greats were born on the 9th! Enjoy the sauerkraut in Strasbourg. And while you’re there, maybe ask why they’re so well known for their seafood platters… I only realuzed after our trip how odd that was, given their distance from anything close to salty seas. Joyeux anniversaire!!!!

  3. Lisa

    Buon compleano Mark from the Hardings! We wish your wife would have surprised you with a trip to Milan!

  4. Happy Birthday, Mr Mais Oui Paris!

    Kate, I have a question – what were you doing up at 4:00 am?! Did it have anything to do with the birthday celebrations?

    Someone else I know was up at 4:00 am and sent me a video of the snow falling gently on the Parisian rooftops. I didn’t see any signs of it by the time I woke up at 8:00 am … er…um … 6:00 am.

    Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend in Strasbourg!

    • MK- I don’t know why I woke up at 4:00. I would have rolled over and gone right back to sleep had i not been so excited about the possibility of snow. You know- I’m from Texas….

  5. cindy

    Happy Birthday, Mark! Have a wonderful weekend and a fabulous year.

  6. Martha Moore

    Happy Birthday Mark! Want to celebrate by running another marathon? (yeah, me neither!) make sure Kate gives you lots of birthday bisous!!

  7. Debbie

    Hi to all the Mais from Amy and I. We are here together in Ft. Worth for Morgan’s wedding. So nice to see Amy and all her buddies!
    Happy, Happy Birthday to you Mark! Kate give him a big hug for us!

  8. Julie

    Happy Birthday to Mark!! Strasbourg sound like a fun magical place to go at this time of year

  9. Julie

    Somehow computer generated snow is falling on my screen as I type this!!
    Did you (kate) make that happen since no real snow in Paris?

  10. Kathy Powell

    Happy Birthday to Mark! I hope there is surprise snow in Paris when you return!

  11. Mom and Dad

    Happy B-Day Mark. Hope you have a quick recovery from the flue. Sorry now we woke you up in the early morning hour to be the first to offer you good wishes. Much love.

  12. markfmai

    We did have snow in Strasbourg. Thank you all for you birthday wishes and bisous regardless of the hour. Isn’t this blog wonderful! Even I can’t wait for the next update.

  13. Chiming in super late here but I hope you celebrated a lovely birthday with your husband in Strasbourg, and lucky you for catching the snow!! I slept through it! I hope your forecast is correct and you get some snow before heading back to the States. : )

    Okay…there is now SNOW DRIPPING FROM YOUR BLOG!!! Your dreams are coming true! Nice touch! ; )

    • Merci, Ella! Snow not looking so likely here now….blog may be as close as I get to falling snow for awhile. Although we did see lovely snow on the ground while riding the train.

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