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Saturday In The Country With My Sweetie

Château d'Ecouen

Château d’Ecouen (Photo credit: campra)

Saturday morning was gorgeous, and Mark and I did something we need to do way more frequently- got out of town.

After consulting our book, An Hour From Paris, we decided to go to Ecouen, a 14th century chateau surrounded by a forested park.  The chateau, built in the Renaissance style, is home to the National Museum of the Renaissance.  It also is home to a little restaurant with a smattering of tables outside, overlooking the countryside.  This was fortuitous, as the chateau closes from 12:30-2:00, and we arrived at approximately 11:45.  The hour and  a half closure was just enough time for us to enjoy sunshine, quiche, a bottle of wine, and dessert, before resuming our tour.  Delightful.

We rode a commuter train from Gare du Nord to Ecouen, and I was awed by the cleanliness and the comfort of the train.  Those Frenchies know how to do trains.  I wish they would come teach us in Texas.

The computer screens display the current and remaining stops- no need to worry about knowing where to get off.

The village of Ecouen was tiny.  We followed signs to a forest path leading to the chateau.  It was enchanting.

First I had to stop and admire the roses.

The gate leading to the chateau

Finally the chateau was in sight.

The front entry was so deserted I was afraid the place was closed!

love that star on the floor


chapel ceiling

nice view, yes?

one of many painted fireplaces

lunch on the terrace

the view

We arrived back at the train station just early enough for one last beverage before we left.  It was a good day.


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