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Lazy Sunday


After a slow start, we hit the streets Sunday afternoon under a gorgeous blue sky.  I think it was probably the bluest, warmest day Paris had seen in weeks.  We walked over to the Grand Palais and joined the queue for the Edward Hopper exhibit, which ends next week.  The line didn’t look all that long, but it moved v-e-r-y slowly.


We stood in that line for close to an hour and a half before deciding that the sun didn’t shine in Paris enough for us to waste it standing on the side of the Grand Palais.  So we left.  Later, Hopper.

We walked past the Petit Palais, which looked quite splendid basking in the sun.


We crossed the river and then looked back over the bridge and noticed that our sun was quickly being chased away by ominous clouds.  Paris, you are so fickle.


So we did the only thing we could do under the circumstances.  We took refuge in a cafe and a glass of wine.  And then we scurried home before the rain began.

And that was Sunday.


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