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My Tuesday

This picture has absolutely nothing to do with this post, but you deserve better than a linen cart and a flight of dark stairs.

Today was a good day.  Here’s why:

1).  Last night Ellen showed my daughter’s dance dare video on her show, earning my daughter a $100 Target gift card,  the adulation of a good percentage of teens at her Houston high school, and the total respect of her mother.  I know which of these was most important to her, and it wasn’t #3.  Thank you to all of you who sent me notes whooping and hollering for her!  You peeps are da best!

2).  I gave my “oral presentation” to my French class today, and they really liked it!  My strategy was to distract them from my ridiculously elementary French with humor, and apparently it worked.  Voila!  Just goes to show that you can’t fool all of the people all of the time, but if you keep it to under 5 minutes and make them laugh, you have a shot at it.  I’m just glad it’s over.

3.) I didn’t have to pull this rack of linens up these stairs at the gym, like the poor guy I watched do that very thing this morning.  It was painful, I tell you.

It would have been much more effective to take the picture looking up the stairs, but I just thought of it. I'm still kind of new at this photo-journalism stuff.

Pay no attention to the creepy abuelita on the box.

4).  After walking the dog in the cold rain this afternoon, I treated myself to some hot chocolate that Pioneer Woman told me was good.  I picked it up at HEB while I was home for Christmas, and P-Dub didn’t lie.  If you like a touch of cinnamon in your hot chocolate, give it a try.

I think that’s enough reasons to call it a good day, don’t you?  I hope yours is equally fabulous.

The End.


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