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Colorado in December

The arrival of February reminded me that I had never written about our December trip to Pagosa Springs, Colorado. Mark, Wonder Chien, and I drove back to our friends’ mountain house so that Mark could help them finish up some construction on their barn/workshop/overflow guest space.

We like to drive to Santa Fe the first day, spend the night, and then drive the last few hours to Pagosa the next day after enjoying the beauty of Santa Fe for a bit.


Sawyer thought he needed a turquoise and sterling collar.


We have never stayed at the St. Francis, but I love its front porch.


and its logo

I was thrilled to be returning to Martha and Leigh’s mountain house, a place that brings me much joy. As in previous stays, I was mesmerized by the changing colors and shadows outside the windows.


Mark and Leigh worked tirelessly in the barn and got much accomplished. Martha and I, meanwhile, cooked and talked and tried our skills at cross-country skiing. Sawyer had the best time of any of us, totally untethered and free to test out the snow, chase rabbits, and dig for burrowing critters.



dirty and happy

img_8374This is the barn where the men were working day and night. It was full of manly stuff.




Martha and I, being delicate flowers, preferred the gentler arts.





Remember this gorgeous piece that Leigh made for the kitchen?


Yes that is a zinc counter. Love.


It was a great week for all of us, and we got home just in time to put the finishing touches on Christmas and wait for the kids to come home. I highly recommend going to the mountains in mid-December. It was much better than stressing about how many more things I could get done for the holiday, and no one seemed to miss anything that did not get done. I need to remember that.

Happy February, mes amis. Let’s share the love, shall we?


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Onward and Westward

I bet you were getting worried I was going to leave you in Marfa. No way. We are moving on through Santa Fe toward Pagosa Springs, Colorado. Ready?

We were only three hours from our destination when we reached Santa Fe, so we didn’t linger as long as we would have liked. I was in Santa Fe last summer during Indian Market Days, when all the galleries on Canyon Road were hosting shows and welcoming guests with wine and cheese. The atmosphere in March was completely different. Many galleries on Canyon Road  were closed, and the ones that were open were very happy to see us (although they didn’t offer us any wine). Sadly, we were not in the market to purchase any art, although I did fall in love with this one.


Although the sun was shining brightly when we were there, the snow of the previous day still frosted the exterior art that graces Canyon Road.



Although we were reluctant to say goodbye to Santa Fe after such a short visit, we were excited about our lunch destination, El Farolito, a six table dive that appeared to be the only place with a pulse in the tiny town of El Rito, New Mexico. We loved our lunch so much that we placed an additional order to go and ate it again for dinner. If you love green chile and don’t mind the owners’ grandson toddling around your kinda sticky table, this place is not to be missed! Unless you blink as you drive by it, in which case you will miss it.




We were so satisfied with our lunch that we didn’t need see, eat, or drink another thing in the town of El Rito. And that was a very good thing.





El Farolito was our final stop before our destination, which was my friend Martha’s brand new house in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. We pointed my very dirty (and fully loaded) car in that direction and made it before sundown.




We made it!

Yes, the garage is lovely, but wait til you see the rest of this house that Martha and her husband have just finished building. You gonna love it!

Coming soon. Right here.


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