What is that sign doing in front of my house?

Home for Sale! by KateMai
Home for Sale! a photo by KateMai on Flickr.

Chez Mai is officially on the market. This might be the first concrete proof that I really am moving to Paris. Well, I guess my husband packing up a bunch of his stuff and moving there was actually the first indication, but now I know he is really going to let me go with him. He kind of has to, though, as he has been there almost seven months and still can only say “ca va?” and “enchantee’ ” and he doesn’t even say those well. I can’t speak much French yet, but at least I can talk to babies and ask where the swimming pool and the library are.

One final trip to Mexico before it becomes a much more expensive trip. We leave Sunday for Playa del Carmen, to the lovely resort that David Lebovitz went on about on his little blog when the food bloggers convention stayed there several months ago.  Anyway, if we like it half as much as he did, we may never return.

Who wants to come home to a house that always has to look like no one lives in it, anyway?


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