You must go here

I have just one word for this hotel.   GO.   The Grand Velas, a long half-hour van ride from the Cancun airport (longer if your van stops at two other resorts on the way, both of which require driving for several miles down a narrow road off of the main highway).  After two hours in the customs line at the airport, we were hungry and grumpy by the time we arrived.  Our displeasure quickly evaporated, however, when we entered our peaceful and  incredibly beautiful resort.  Our rooms were in the “jungle wing” of the resort,  which was a quick van ride from the “beach wing”.  We never waited more than 30 sec0nds for a ride, and we loved how peaceful our area was.



NOTE: the sliding door to the patio will lock you out if you close it all the way while your husband is out of the room on a business call.

Even the doors were lovely.

There were many connected, gorgeous pools in our jungle complex.  These were very peaceful and Zen-like.

There was a swim -up bar and a crew of a very attentive staff who were happy to bring drinks or snacks.  “It is a pleasure” was their response to our thank yous.  No, really, it was OUR pleasure!





Martha was hating it.


Mark was pretty miserable, too.



















When we wanted more activity, we would head for the beach side of the resort.  It wasn’t too shabby, either.

Ok , I am having a terrible time making this look like I want it to, so I am going to post this one and follow with a Part II.  Be patient with me- I’m new at this.


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  1. Oh my how beautiful! Texas beaches just can’t compare huh?

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