We’ll Always Have Paris—-just not this weekend

Paris Beach

Bonjour from Paris!  I arrived Thursday morning, feeling fairly perky due to an unexpected upgrade to Business Class.  I texted Mark from the Air France Lounge in Houston that I was already loving flying business.  He responded with,  “Don’t get used to it.” and I quickly shot back “Too late.”.  I explored all the bells and whistles of my seat when I got in it, and almost wept when I saw the buttons showing me how to make my seat go completely flat, as seen on TV.  Wow.  That is the way to fly.  It would have been even nicer if I had not dragged a corner of my napkin through the dollup of mayonnaise adorning my shrimp, crab and mango salad, and then carefully placed it in my lap, unaware of my faux pas, thereby managing to sully not one but both pieces of my outfit before I was even over Cincinatti.  I might as well have been wearing a sign saying “Business Class Imposter” or “Not Yet Ready for Business Class”.  The good news was they didn’t kick me out , and I had a washer, dryer, and iron waiting for me in Paris.

I spent the day getting to know my apartment, as this was the first time I had seen it with our own stuff in it.  I think it looks as though we bought our furniture with this space in mind.  I’m so happy with how it all fits.  Here are some visual aids, although I will do a more thorough tour for you once we are completely  moved in.

Living Room (former sunroom furniture)

Den (with Martha's M's favorite red chairs)

Soooo Mark worked a lot on Thursday and Friday, as I had expected.  We were looking forward to having the weekend together before we flew to Spain on Monday morning.  However, an unfortunate development at work  required him to fly off to New York Saturday morning.  He hopes to meet me in Spain on Tuesday in time for dinner.  And so it is that my romantic Paris weekend for two has turned into a party of one.

Determined not to sit here and mope, I bought a few groceries and then set out to see Paris Plages, which I had read about but never seen.  For several weeks each August, the banks of the Seine are transformed into a sandy beach, complete with palm trees and deck chairs.  It’s a nice diversion for the few Parisians who don’t get to flee the city for the month, and for those tourists lucky enough to be here for it.  AND it’s completely free!

I took pictures for you.

Paris Beach

Pay no attention to the couples making out in the middle of the photo. Ewww.

I decided to make a sand castle while I was there. I thought it turned out pretty good.

Tiny people in a deck chair.

On the metro ride home, two cute little girls not more than 9 years old tried to lift the wallet of a woman standing right next to me.  I seem to attract pickpockets on the metro.  So when you come visit, don’t stand by the doors, don’t carry a purse that doesn’t zip, and don’t ride in the same car I do.  Because I would so hate for any of my friends or family to have to endure the hell that is the Texas Department of Public Safety, which was the worst part of having my wallet lifted on the metro.  Don’t let it happen to you.

Be careful, my friends.  Even little girls are out to get you.


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6 responses to “We’ll Always Have Paris—-just not this weekend

  1. Becky

    What a lovely post. Happy to know you’ve made it and can’t wait for further adventures. Love the Paris Plages. Charming! Even with the lovebirds. 😉

  2. martha clay

    Sis: your furniture, both new and old, looks great! And even things in your new book shelf! I’m kind of grossed out by the grubbers on the beach, but it was the same in the gardens we visited, so no big surprise. Enjoy your single time in Spain and give Mark big kisses from us. Love and hugs and bisoux (or bijoux?)

  3. Laurie Stewart Mai

    So wonderful, Kate! You are starting a wonderful adventure-love hearing about it all. The pictures are beautiful-I sorta liked the snogging, think I may try to find one of those big chairs for home..!
    Love you Laurie Beach

  4. Linda Mizell

    What a greag adventure, Kate! Thanks for sharing! (and Enjoy!!)

  5. martha moore

    The red chairs look fabulous – I can’t wait to share un croissant et du cafe avec toi some beautiful Parisian morning.
    Your weekend toute seule a Paris sounds like a dream come true – a whole weekend to wander with no particular place to go, linger longer wherever your heart desires, oh what bliss!

  6. Mary Lipnick

    Your house looks great. You’re right your furniture does look like it was made for the place. Looking forward to seeing and hearing more of your Paris life.

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