Look Mom- I’m in Spain!

Disclaimer:  This post in no way reflects our lifestyle or typical mode of travel.  This is a business trip and doesn’t happen very often.  So no hatin’, please.  That said……

This morning I flew in my first private jet, and it was an experience I could get used to.  13 seats, one flight attendant who brought me breakfast, no lines, crowds, or pat-downs- yep, it was pretty sweet.  We landed in Logrono and took a small bus to Elciego, where we toured a 300 year winery.  It was lovely and came with lots of snacks.

After that “light apertif” we went to another winery, where we saw these gorgeous barrels.

This wine is for the king--says so right on the barrel.

This incredible hotel is a Westin and is called Marques de Riscal.

It was designed by a famous architect named Frank O. Gehry Isn’t it pretty?  We had a multi-course lunch in a private dining room at the hotel (I’m so full) and then rode the bus 2 hours  to San Sebastian.
 We are staying at the Hotel Maria Cristina, and here is my room.
And here is where I am diving now.  See below.
Don’t know why the italics and too tired to figure it out.

Buenos Noches, Amigos!


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4 responses to “Look Mom- I’m in Spain!

  1. Mom

    Maravilloso! (I think that’s correct!)
    Loving your trip and loving you


  2. Cindy

    Wow – and you were happy with business class just a few days ago! I hope you had better control of your napkin! Looks like a beautiful place. I hope Mark is there too.

  3. Becky

    No hating… just jealousy! I can’t BELIEVE you saw and had lunch in that hotel! AMAZING! And your other digs look gorgeous, too! Have fun!! 🙂

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