seen on the street

One of the things I am growing to love about Paris is that she surprises me at every turn.  The other day I went for a long walk.  I had a destination in mind, but darned if I can remember what it was now.  Anyway, I was cruising up Faubourg-St. Honore, when suddenly I see these guys in fancy suits with weapons , doing some sweet moves on the sidewalk.  I quickly realized I was in front of L’Elysee, where Le Pres offices, and that I was witnessing some kind of “changing of the guard” routine. I pulled out my camera and snapped these pics.  Look at them from left to right, as that is the order I took them.  Click on them to enlarge, (duh) and if your computer is faster than mine they won’t take all day to supersize.

Pretty cool for just walking in my hood, right?

Carry on, soldiers.


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2 responses to “seen on the street

  1. Klaus

    Great pics of the changing of the guard. Dress pants need pressing though and a refit? Colorful. Thanks.

    • Margaret

      Boy that really is paying attention to detail! Someone had better get the word out to Le President. I am just amazed that Kate got the sequence down so well. Bien fait, Kate.

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