A Tempting Day in Paris

The days are getting a bit colder and a bit more grey here in Paris.  It still seems like a nice change and I’m loving it.  For now.

I saw these at the market this morning and wanted them something fierce, but good sense prevailed.  But can you blame me for thinking about it for a few minutes?

It is the gorgeous red peonies of which I speak. The ones that were 40 euros for 5 stems.

I usually get scolded by at least one vendor at the market, but today I escaped with only mild laughter when I asked if they had basil.  I guess it’s not a winter herb around here.  News to me- it was always at HEB in the winter.  So much to learn.

This afternoon I went someplace cultural.  Here are some visual clues:

Whoa- this is a family blog- for the most part.

No, I didn’t go to the zoo.

Not really a clue, but isn't it pretty?

It was the Musee d’Orsay, and I went on a guided tour of  a special exhibition entitled Beauty, Morals, and Voluptuousness in the England of Oscar Wilde.  There were some naughty bits in there, my friends.  Let’s just say the rhino was but a prelude, and leave it at that.

Between the metro and the entrance to the museum I passed a window with these gorgeous meringues that I had to snap for you.  They seem to be filled with some kind of cream, and I would love to investigate just what that does to a meringue.  Let me know if that is something you would like me to research and report back to you on.  Really- it’s no trouble.

And because the subject of temptations seems to be recurring in this post, I will conclude with the treat that was delivered to my kitchen this evening, straight from the kitchen of the Cordon Bleu.   I have no doubt that it will be as delicious for breakfast as it was for dessert tonight.

That’s it for my Wednesday in Paris.  I hope yours was full of temptations, too, with a few naughty bits thrown in, just to make sure you were paying attention.  Feel free to share.  That’s what the “comments” box is for.


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10 responses to “A Tempting Day in Paris

  1. Alison Bowen Lee

    Kate-o —

    Loving your posts…but some days I just have to blip over…maybe a bit too jealous of your amazing adventure. Anyway, I do always know they are there for me to go back to. A dear friend is heading your way this weekend for Thanksgiving Break. I am sending her to your blog (think I already did, but trying again!)….but if you see a cute blonde family (mom/dad/16 year old girl/12 year old boy) wondering around with her super cute 80 year old mom, don’t hesitate, just ask them….”Are you from La Jolla? Do you know my friend Alison!”

    Much love to you dear friend!


    • Alison- how could you blip me? Perhaps I need to include more of the bad and the ugly, and less of the good? I will keep an eye out for your friends! Much love back at you, my sweet!

  2. Lisa

    Good thing you didn’t buy the flowers AND the meringues . . . the colors would have clashed. But please do some research on those meringues to see if they get too soggy. Need to know. Also, if one day at Cordon Bleu turns out that apple tart, I am so in. Where do I sign up?

  3. Mary Lipnick

    Yesterday when I read you’re having a Cordon Bleu student living with you I thought “Oh how nice.” Today I am just plain old jealous – wishing I was having that leftover apple tart for breakfast. Enjoy a bite or two or three for me.

  4. Cynthia Kuhn

    So, here’s my question for today: Remember when I made the orange tart for the dinner at Laura Sarle’s? It was from “Around My French Table”. I’ve wanted to try it with apples but wasn’t sure if I should saute the apples before or just put them in raw. Could you ask Aimee what she did with her tart? (I think the spelling of her name needs to be changed to a more French version, don’t you?)

    • Cynthia, I already talked to her about that. She said she sauteed the inner apples with the butter and cinnamon and whatever else (probably sugar) and then put them in the shell and put the sliced ones on top raw. Does that make sense? If not we can ask her when she gets home.

  5. that apple tart – oh my! look how thin those slices are – don’t you know they would just melt in your mouth? did they? what kind of apples? and that crust – it’s beautiful! a tart like that wouldn’t last long at my house…

    • I don’t know what kind of apples they used, but I would expect them to use a mix, as we are always told is best to do. The crust was wonderful- sturdy enough to hold everything together , and yet very tasty. I’ am hoping to make one with her one afternoon.

  6. Debbie

    I am curious. How big is that tart? Four inches or like eight inches?
    I wish I was there to share it. Yummy! And I cannot wait to go to the Musee D’Orsay on our next trip.

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