Bonjour Texas!!!

We at chez Mai are dreaming of fajitas, friends, and family, and excited to be boarding Air France in three short days.   In the meantime I have to pack and clean and find a few more presents for my sleigh, none of which makes good blog material.  So unless something interesting crosses my path or my mind, this will be my final post for 2011.  I hope to see many of you while I am home.  My old cell number should work, as I have been faithfully paying AT&T each month for the privilege of stashing my phone in my bedside table and dusting it off  when I am in the states.  Call me if you want to get a Marguerita or a burger or go to TJ Maxx- I will be up for it!

I will leave you with a few parting shots of Paris glamour at Christmas.  She may not look as sexy  in January.

I was initially drawn to the dress and then noticed that the arms are on the acrylic boxes rather than on the mannequins. So cool!

This coat was glittering like moonlight on fresh snow. So glamorous.

It's just around the corner!

visions of macarons danced in their heads....

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, mes amies, or as we say in Paris:


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4 responses to “Bonjour Texas!!!

  1. Klaus

    Save travel !!

  2. Julie Little

    And we Texans are wishing for macaroons instead of sugarplums!!! Bring us a few. Like on Wallstreet in Manhattan, it’s either macaroons from Paris or a small bauble from Tiffany s. Both equal weight!! Hope to see you soon!!
    Is the faithful chien (Sawyer not Max) staying at his farm in France? Should be good for him for practicing his French!!

  3. Get ready–it’s a little muggy/hot/humid here in H-town!

  4. Travel safe and I will look for some lights at the lake. We will be out for a while but would love to catch up in person if you are here. Merry Christmas!!

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