Just one more thing before I go……

I know I said I wouldn’t be posting again until after the New Year, but I realized I have a few Christmas-ish pictures that you will probably appreciate more now than in January when all you want to do is put Christmas back up in the attic for another year.

Gale force winds and a security strike have both threatened to put a damper on our happy flight home tomorrow, but as of 7:15 on the night before, I am optimistic that we will be Texas- bound as scheduled.  That is, assuming the flight is able to achieve lift with our assorted over-stuffed suitcases aboard.  Please send positive thoughts this way!

A few nights ago I chose a restaurant specifically because it was close to Notre Dame, and I had yet to see the big Christmas tree that stands in front of the cathedral each year.  So four of us braved the cold, cold wind (have I mentioned that we have had wicked wind in Paris???) from the metro to the church so that I could get a picture of this awesome tree.  Turns out the tree is much more impressive during the day time, when one can see the colored ornaments.  I have made a note for next year.  In the meantime, I’m afraid you are stuck with this pitiful night-time image.  I apologize for my ineptness.  I’m still kind of new here. The good news is that the dinner was excellent.  I highly recommend le Bistrot des Comperes to any of you Parisians who happen to be hanging around this blog.

I tasted my first Bouche de Noel, the traditional French Christmas cake.  Mlle Cordon Bleu made this one for us and it was divine.

As you can see, it was pistachio -my favorite!

The super-cold winter weather I have been  expecting has finally arrived.  Sounds like as good a time as any to make a trip to Texas.  See y’all soon!

kisses from Paris


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3 responses to “Just one more thing before I go……

  1. Bon voyage! My fingers are crossed that your travel plans go according to schedule. Have a wonderful time in TX and let me know when you’re back in Paris and ready to do some serious hot chocolate tasting in 2012. I wimped out at Jean-Paul Hevin and had tea with my chocolate cake at Jean-Paul Hevin today.

  2. Oops – just realized that I wrote “Jean-Paul Hevin” twice. Sorry. I guess that the chocolate cake went straight to my brain.

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