A beautiful day in the neighborhood

Today was a busy day here in the neighborhood.  Early walk with Wonderchien, quick trip to the gym (yes! I did it!  But that’s another post for another day), worked on big blog post for Friday (aren’t you curious?), went to my French class, took aforementioned Wonderchien to the park, fixed dinner, worked on Friday’s post again (whatever could it be????), ate dinner, swooned over dessert, took Wonderchien to see the Eiffel Tower sparkle, and then came home and put on my jammies!  Whew.  I documented the more interesting of those activities with my trusty camera, and that’s what I’ve got for you today.

It has been brrrrrr cold here in Paris the past week.  The good news is that my handy weather app says it’s supposed to get up to 43 degrees tomorrow, which will be an improvement.  As you can imagine, not much is blooming in these temperatures, so I was happily surprised to see this lovely calla lily in Parc Monceau this afternoon.

On the way home I admired these gorgeous stems from the outside of the ritzy florist window.

orchids in the window

roses in the window

hydrangea in the window

Lets see, what was next?  Oh yes, dinner.  Or for our purposes, dessert.  Mlle Cordon-Bleu brought home one of her absolute best desserts evah.  Chock full of strawberries and butter pastry cream and moist cake and even a few of my favorite pistachio nuts- I seriously could have eaten the whole thing.  But I knew they would judge me for it, so I exercised restraint.  The night is still young, however, and it’s just a few steps away, in the fridge, in an unlocked Tupperware container.

oh yeah- she made some macaroons, too

Finally, the evening stroll to the Champs Elysees, where the Eiffel Tower twinkled obligingly.

You go, girl.

On the way home, my not-so-ritzy florist was still open, with this sweet little display casually set out on the sidewalk, as if it were nothing.

how do they make it look so easy?

And now it’s bedtime here in Paris, even while most of you have not even yet figured out what’s for supper in your parts.  Funny how that still weirds me out after 4 months of thinking about it.

So good luck with that dinner plan, mes amies.  Be sure to come back by on Friday to see what I’m cooking up for you!


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2 responses to “A beautiful day in the neighborhood

  1. martha clay

    Miss you! Wish I were there to go on one of your many daily walks avec Sawyer. Can’t wait until Friday to see what’s up. xoxo

  2. Julie Little

    OK I’m waiting anxiously with baited breath!!
    The walks sound and look fun and amazing.

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