Lawd, she done gone an lost it now!

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Hmmmmm. What could this all mean?

If this is your first time here- I am so sorry.

Please check back tomorrow.


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9 responses to “Lawd, she done gone an lost it now!

  1. Martha

    Oh you are too, too cute – I LOVE this post! The next time you are back, you have to give us scarf tying lessons so that we can all have that certain “je ne sais quoi”! How UNFAIR that that sweet little girl already has it – she probably already knows when to use the subjunctive too!

  2. Mary Lipnick

    So funny!!

  3. I know, I know!
    You’re starting a business selling scarves…
    You’ve signed up to take classes at the Paris Fashion Institute (there must be something named that)…
    You’re going to be a model….
    You’re opening a portrait gallery…
    Can’t wait ’til Friday to find out!

  4. Cindy

    Can’t wait for tomorrow’ s post!

  5. Wearing a scarf in Paris? Do you even speak English anymore?

  6. nancy craven

    I like the Queen Elizabeth II look best. Get back on your horse…….nancy

  7. Those scarfs do not do you justice

  8. I made the mistake of looking at this too-funny post on my iPhone while sipping some hot chocolate at Angelina’s (2 times now!) and almost snorted some out of my nose when I started laughing. Great photos! But where’s the one where the scarf can be tied to look like a halter top? 😉

    • I thought about doing that–over a shirt, of course! Ran out of time, as usual. I just found Angelina’s at that Port Maillot mall (no , i wasn’t there for the Hermes sale- just wanted to see that gorgeous grocery store in there) but didn’t indulge. I really should treat myself more often. Of course, I was in my workout clothes, so today probably wouldn’t have been the day!

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