Mardi (Tuesday)

First of all, this is my 100th post!  Woo- hoo!  Who knew I had so many in me?  Who knew you would still be reading???  Cheers to all of us!

Paris is three for three on gorgeous.  Today I celebrated with a picnic in the Luxembourg Gardens, a short bus ride across the river from me.  Green chairs and benches with sun on them were popular items.

Afterwards I wandered down some little streets in St. Germain.

If you enlarge this you might be able to tell that the store front is in mosaic.

I'll take one of everything, please. Including the fur coat. Thanks.

When I got home Wonderchien gave me the long face, as if he knew I had been to a park without him.  Nothing to do but put my coat back on and take him to Parc Monceau.  While there we saw a group of school children dressed up for Mardi Gras, all lined up for photos.  I hurried over and took a few.

After I took my pictures, a little girl yelled, “Madame, c’est sept euros!” (“Madame, that’s seven euros!” )  French kids are well-behaved AND enterprising!

The afternoon shadows were growing longer as we headed for home.

I hope you had a good Mardi, too.


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11 responses to “Mardi (Tuesday)

  1. Martha

    Happy 100th post! I wonder which one got the most comments? My favorite was the Hermes scarf day!!

  2. Julie little

    A nice thing to read and view before they whisk me away

  3. Congrats on 100 posts! It’s a blogging landmark. I ate lunch at the Luxembourg Gardens yesterday – it was gorgeous!

  4. Debbie

    Congratulations on your 100th post and 3 Cheers for another beautiful day!!

  5. Kathy

    Happy 100th! You could use these post to write a book about the Mai family and the Wonderchien adventure in Paris.

  6. Garlanda

    The last time we were in Paris, we had lunch at the little outdoor cafe in the Luxembourg Gardens. What a great memory. Thanks for reviving it! Beautiful. (not to mention the light, delicious lunch).

  7. Jane Nilsson

    I enjoy touring Paris through your walks, etc. Have you been to the famous cook shop E. Dehillerin? Go to Kevin Sharkey’s blog today over at the Martha Stewart website. It looks like it would a “fab” place to shop

  8. Lisa Harding

    Congratulations on 100 blogs! All I can say is keep up the good work (please!).

  9. What has Dorie told you

  10. 100 posts and you haven’t yet mentioned your adventure to find Ina’s pied-a-terre (or whatever you French people call it)?

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