The Devil Made Me Do It

I had such good intentions.  Study French.  Go to the grocery store.  Go to the gym.   Then I looked out the window and saw how unbelievably blue the sky was, and how still the trees.  And that’s when Satan began talking to me.  “Montmartre”, he whispered  seductively in my ear, “Montmartre”.  That’s how I ended up on a bus pointed toward Sacre-Coeur instead of in my Body Sculpt class.  Yep- it was all his fault.

For the uninitiated, Montmartre is the oft-pictured Paris neighborhood with the narrow streets that climb steep hills. It is crowned by the  magnificent Sacre-Coeur,a  domed church built in 1873 as a symbol of the return of France’s self-confidence after the Commune and the Franco-Prussian War.  As you can see, the white domes look incredible against a bright blue sky.

Needless to say, the views of Paris are fabulous from up there.

One is advised to wear comfortable walking shoes when exploring Montmartre.

No hill for a climber, as we like to say in Texas.

All that climbing worked up a powerful thirst!  I found a sunny terrace and warmed my hands with the coffee and my face with the sun.

Yes, I live here, but I'm clearly not above looking like a tourist!

Montmartre offers much more than just a big white church.  This stunning metro stop, Abbesses, sports one of only two original Art nouveau canopies left.

There used to be 14 windmills atop this hill, but this is one of only two remaining.

Wandering down a little street, I came across this Fish Salon.  Anyone for a fish pedi?

It wasn't open but i took this through the window. The fish were awake and hungry.

It must have been Satan who led me straight to a cafe with a table for one, a surprisingly good cheeseburger, crispy fries, and satisfying glass of Cote de Rhone.  Ahhhhhhh.  Time to walk some more.

Part of Montmartre are quite seedy.  I guess that’s why Satan likes it so much.

The Sexodrome

Endless shopping opportunities await.

Not to end our tour on a tawdry note, here is the “I Love You Wall” , which contains 311 written declarations of love in 250 different languages.  The wall is in a quiet little park by the metro Abbesses.

So that was my glorious Monday, from the seedy to the sacred.  A little mix keeps things interesting, don’t you think?

Now get behind me, Satan!


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12 responses to “The Devil Made Me Do It

  1. It was another gorgeous day in Paris! I enjoyed some of the sun in the Luxembourg Gardens – so nice to have them to ourselves, huh?

  2. martha clay

    Mon dieu! Lots of temptations. At least the stairs were good exercise!

  3. Wish I was there to join you.

  4. Julie Little

    Now if you climbed all those steps that surely goes fits under the fitness umbrella.

  5. Julie Little

    You need to explain the fish pedicure. Is their nibbling at you toes the massage?

  6. Normajean Sarle Longfield

    I still remember the e-mail I got from Alex, my 20 something son who was traveling in Paris while studying abroad in Spain…and when he saw this, it was such a passionate, happy, joyous e-mail, so he must have had the same kind of blue sky day…and I recall he said that the Disney Castle was modeled after this, not sure if that is true… keep the stories coming!

  7. nancy craven

    Kate, I climbed those stairs! Whew! Took the tram down, go figure…Thanks for the tour of Montmartre, lovely place. I must have missed the side streets…..
    Would love to have been with you. xxoo

  8. Debbie

    After several days of rain here we finally had a beautiful, sunny day on Sunday. Even though I had planned to complete several inside projects I quickly changed to outside fun instead, but nothing as exciting as Montmartre. It did look beautiful.
    Thanks for sharing.

  9. Cindy

    After a trip that included LOTS of European churches, I was so struck by the simpleness and starkness of Sacre Coeur. I still remember standing at the bottom of those steps looking at the imposing structure in front of me. Loved it. Thanks for the memory.

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