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texas our texas

texas our texas (Photo credit: jmtimages)

My last full day in Texas feels, as usual, bittersweet.  I have so enjoyed my quick visit.

We drove from Houston

Houston Skylineto Fort Worth

The flag of Fort Worth, Texas currently in use...

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to Austin

Austin Texas Lake Front

Austin Texas Lake Front (Photo credit: StuSeeger)

and back to Houston, touring TCU

TCU Horn Frogs

TCU Horn Frogs (Photo credit: glennharper)

and the University of Texas,

Littlefield Fountain and Main Building of The ...

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and getting some good visits with family along the way.  A few bluebonnets

bluebonnetspeeked out early for me, and the red buds, mountain laurel, and azaleas


Azalea (Photo credit: orangebrompton)

have been in full splendor. The grass is bright green, which is much prettier than the green and yellow pollen and tree gunk now covering every other surface outside my door.  I definitely will not miss cleaning out  my pool several times a day for the next month!

We ate Mexican (not enough), Chinese, Schlotzsky’s, and hamburgers.  We drank cold beer, margaritas, and raspberry tea.  I haven’t cooked a meal since I have been here, but in my defense, I didn’t have a stove or oven until yesterday morning when Sears (finally) arrived and exchanged my dead one for a live model.  Has anyone figured out how to keep those glass-topped ranges looking nice?  I am stuck with electric here at the townhouse and I hate how the tops always get so stained and dull.  Almost makes me not want to use the new one…..

I got my fill of highway driving under the big Texas sky, wide open spaces, and Diet Dr. Pepper.  I actually giggled out loud when a grocery store employee in the produce section at Randall’s greeted me on my first day back, as  I wandered around the mountains of vegetables in a jet-lagged daze.  We Texans are so darned friendly!

All in all it was refreshing to understand what was being said in the world around me, although some of it did fill me with shock and dismay.  Perhaps I should be grateful that the French candidates on TV are merely background noise in my living room.

I am typing this in Nike shorts and an Austin City Limits T-shirt, which is great except that if I go outside I am immediately ravaged by mosquitoes and humidity.  Paris on Monday is supposed to be a rainy 45, and I’m not convinced that will be  much more uncomfortable than today in Houston.

So tomorrow I wedge myself back in a seat on Continental (or is it United?) for the long trek back to Charles de Gaulle. ( Hint: when you come to see me, fly Air France from Houston- not Continental. You will thank me.)  Guests will be not far behind, so soon I will be forced to quit wandering aimlessly around neighborhoods and museums and actually cook some meals and be hospitable.  Yikes.

Over and out from Texas.  Stay tuned for Paris, y’all.

Luxuries are never so comfortable as are the familiar, ordinary things of home.

Eucharista WardMatch For Mary Bennet, 2009


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9 responses to “Back to Paris

  1. Dolly Hall

    I was thinking about Houston weather as I was driving around in NW Harris County this afternoon. It was 72 degrees and humid, with dark clouds announcing a cold front. It’s hotter than Hades in the summer, but where else are in shirtsleeves on March 2nd and playing golf year round? I’m often vocal in my complaints about the heat and humidity, the bugs and the snakes, but it really has a lot going for it.

    Have a safe trip back. I wish I could have seen you while you were here.


  2. Barbara

    Just recently found your blog, have enjoyed reading about Paris and of course it makes me look forward to my next (4th) visit in May/June. We live near Austin (Marble Falls, in the Hill Country) so your Texas excursion has been fun also.
    For your glass cooktop: Whirlpool makes a non-abrasive cream called Cooktop Cleaner, safe for glass, ceramic, Porcelain and fiberglass. I got it at a local appliance store but it’s also available online.
    Have a safe trip back to Paris.

  3. deborah

    Makes me a little nostalgic for Texas! But, wait, I live here.

  4. Hey Kate,
    Let’s try and finally meet when I’m there in April. I’ll have my cousin who is from The Woodlands with me. Happy flying! See you soon.

  5. Dolly Hall

    I’ve love to drive in for dinner. Peter and family are planning to drive to Houston and pick up the furniture Grandpa made. If the timeline works out, we’d love to have you join us for some of Ralph’s Texas barbecue and a Hall family get-together.

  6. Alice

    Hi Kate,
    Sorry I missed seeing you this trip. Next time you’re missing the friendliness of Texas, you ought to hop down to Morocco for a few days where everyone is uber friendly. Have lots of small change and take an empty suitcase for shopping. -Alice

  7. Cynthia Kuhn

    Ye ol’ Ace Hardware is usually good for out-of-the-ordinary cleaners. I think that might be where we last got our glass cooktop cleaner. It was great to see you, if even for a bit. A bientot!

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