Smiles for Monday

We made it back to Paris safely and hope to fully rejoin the time zone by tomorrow!  The signs of spring are much more subtle here than they were in Texas, but I did  see a couple today.Image

Do you see the little buds on that tree?



I know this is a little blurry, but they are little wine boxes!  Do you think French kids take them in their lunches?  But there is no straw!


These little munchkins in the park made me smile today.  The teacher didn’t smile at me, though.  Just as I took this picture she started wagging her finger at me.  I guess she thought I was a creeper or something.  Jeez.


I wonder who lives behind this gate?

Whoever it is, she lives on this street.  Lucky girl.Image

That’s all for today.  Stay tuned for my first guest blogger!  Who do you think it will be?

A smile abroad is often a scowl at home.
Alfred Lord Tennyson


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4 responses to “Smiles for Monday

  1. It’s illegal here to take pictures of children without their parents’ permission (especially in a school setting). 🙂

  2. martyorozco

    Creepy woman drinking wine juice boxes. I want those for my lunch box. I will send you jalapeños from my garden if you will send me wine boxes.

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