A Quickie Is Better Than Nothing

I did manage to stay home for most of the day yesterday.  I got quite a bit done.  But I also did a lot of this.

Looking the other way out my den window.

Looking out my den window.

Looking out my living room window.

Finally I gave in and took Wonderchien to the park.  On the way I saw this oh-so-fine Aston-Martin convertible.

Now notice where it was parked.  This is strangely common in Paris, particularly with really nice cars.  Sometimes they leave their flashers on for an hour or so, as if to let us all know they don’t intend to park there permanently.

Yep- in an intersection, between two crosswalks.

Once at the park, I noticed these unusual black pansies.  Anyone seen these before?

Our sweet friends were also at the park, dressed for spring.

One last thing.  I like to buy yogurt in little glass jars here.  I keep some of the jars because they are so darned cute.  I have been known to sip wine out of them when I just want a little nip, like while I’m cooking dinner (on weekends only, of course).  My husband hates it when I drink wine out of them- don’t really understand that.  Anyway, while I was home yesterday I made a delicious Vanilla Pot de Creme, which I poured into these little jars.  Aren’t they adorable?  Super easy recipe and very nice dessert.  Fresh berries would be a nice addition.  Of course, you could serve the pudding in regular ramekins, but can you drink wine out of them?

Happy Tuesday, friends!


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7 responses to “A Quickie Is Better Than Nothing

  1. Brandy

    Bring a few dozen of those jars back to the hood and you could sell them in 5 minutes. Love them!!

  2. Debbie

    I have never seen black pansies. How unusual! Glad to see the weather is still so beautiful. Enjoy!

  3. Laurie Stewart Mai

    I LOVE those little glass jars and I would use them for everything!! And black pansies!! I love those, too!! We can’t wait to see you and PLEASE serve my wine only in the little yogurt jars!! Love Abu

  4. Becky

    I love everything about this post. 🙂

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