Weekend in London

Eurostar trains in the renovated St Pancras St...

Eurostar trains in the renovated St Pancras Station, London. 3 exposure HDR image taken on 3rd Jan 2008, in a quiet moment between trains! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We are back from our quick trip to London, which is such a cool thing to say and do!  This was my first trip back to London in around ten years, and it was interesting to see it through my new “Parisienne” eyes.  London seemed cleaner than Paris, with no metro tickets on the sidewalks or gutters, and fewer cigarette butts, as well.  It seemed like there weren’t as many people smoking in London- perhaps they are more evolved than the Parisians in that respect.  Some people in our group felt like the Londoners were much friendlier, but I suspect that  it’s just easier to recognize friendliness when it’s demonstrated in a language one understands.  Paris is more open than London, which allows the light to be more beautiful.  Paris is , yes, just more beautiful.

The Eurostar, which is the fast train service going between Paris and London under the Channel, is a wonderful thing.  Back in the Dark Ages, when I went to school in England, one had to endure a potentially horrendous channel crossing on a ferry to get to the rest of Europe. The Eurostar is fast, quiet, and best of all, does not induce nausea and vomiting.  I loved it.  I didn’t care so much for the “light meal” they served us, but the wine was free, so that’s something.

Saturday morning we went to Borough Market, a lively food market near London bridge that was packed with people selling, buying, and tasting all kinds of delicious food.

We also did a bit of shopping.  I checked in on my old favorite store, Liberty, just to make sure it was still thriving.  It appeared to be just fine.

We went to a matinée showing of a play, Noises Off, which did not receive great reviews amongst our critics.  It’s always fun to be in an old London theater, though.

Sunday was sunnier, and we walked through London’s gorgeous parks and rode the London Eye.  Wow.

These pretty Faberge eggs were all over the city as part of a charity event.


Two crazy tourists in a phone booth.

Our last meal there was our favorite- authentic and delicious “pub grub” in a very “off the beaten path” pub.  Thanks, Mr. Concierge Guy at our hotel!

Fish and chips and a pint- soooo good.

Cheerio, Mates!


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9 responses to “Weekend in London

  1. London is one of my favorite cities! Looks like you had a great trip.

  2. Cyndy

    Kate – It was so good to see you at our Texas Book Club! Just started reading your blog — as you know I am a London Lover. Headed over in April for a long weekend. My favorite place in London is actually the Borough Market — I hate that this trip I won’t have a dinner to fix, so just will go look, buy some dessert, some wonderful Monmouth coffee and cheese. Such an interesting place. Does Paris have a similar? xo, Cyndy

    • Hi Cyndy! I haven’t found a similar market in Paris, although there are wonderful outdoor markets all over the city on different days. Borough Market was pretty special! We noticed the long line for the Monmouth coffee!

  3. Lisa Harding

    Great photos! London is on my list but, unfortunately, not on the schedule yet. I am still waiting for the blog entitled, “Milan: our fun times with the Hardings!” haha!

    • Funny you would say that because Mark was just reading a new travel magazine last night and it featured Milan! He said we should tell you about it. Milan is definitely in the plan for next year!

  4. “mashed peas” … yum. Bet you can’t get those in Paris!

  5. Such blue skies. Looks like the great weather held for your weekend get away. I thought Noises Off was suppose to be very funny. Sorry to hear it was disappointing. I believe that they did it at Stratford not too long ago though I did not see it.

  6. MommaExpat

    We’re off to London in two weeks ourselves…. & my first time. I feel like a little kid I’m so excited. Going to add a few of these places to our must sees.

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