The time changed in Paris last weekend, which I think was 2 weeks after it did in the US.  Wouldn’t you think that all countries that choose to observe Daylight Savings Time would do it on the same schedule?  Just a reminder that the world is not yet as small as we think.  We were just happy that we knew about the change this time.  Last fall we were halfway to church when we realized that the reason no one else was walking toward the steeple was that we were an hour too early.  Just one of the dangers of not really understanding the newspapers or TV news in the place where you live.

Anyway, I am loving this change, although it does still mess with my mind in the evenings, when I think I still have plenty of time to get dinner started and all of a sudden my husband walks in the door and is all like ,”I’m hungry.  Where is my dinner, woman?” and I realize that it’s later than I thought.  Not really, but it could happen.

On the other end of the day, the time change has allowed me to see my morning walk in a whole new light, and it’s beautiful.

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2 responses to “Early

  1. We forgot about the time change this year, and we had a rental car that needed to be back by 4:30. Luckily my husbands dad called to remind us. It is weird that the time change doesn’t happen all on the same day. I kept forgetting and calling my mom at the wrong time.

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