Am I Really In Paris?

Ever since I began learning about Paris I have been interested in a park called Parc Des Buttes-Chaumont, in the 19th arrondissement.  I finally got there, with my blogger friend Out and About in Paris, and was enchanted with it.

This 61-acre hilltop park was built in 1863 in an abandoned gypsum quarry and a former gallows, as part of Napoleon III’s greening of Paris.  It rewards visitors with an amazing view of the city, an impressive waterfall, a swan-inhabited lake, and a Greek-style temple.  AND they let you sit on the grass!  In fact, I don’t recall seeing a single “Park Police” the whole time we were there, which is unheard of in these parts.    We enjoyed a picnic lunch and marveled at how far removed from Paris we felt.  Go get yourself a baguette and a glass of wine you can pretend you were there with us!

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10 responses to “Am I Really In Paris?

  1. Julie Little

    Beautiful! Never knew a place like that was there.

  2. WST

    A truly impressive and fascinating Park.

  3. WST

    About Napoleon III.: he loved trees and Parks. On Arte-TV,, there was even an article about it.

  4. Linda Mizell

    So beautiful! Your photography just gets better and better (love the photo of the waterfall in the cave (?) with the sun beaming in from the right. Very nice. Thanks for sharing, Kate!

  5. Keep finding and sharing all of these special places.
    Your Mom must be impressed by your photos

  6. Ever since the clouds and cold weather returned to Paris, I keep remembering this day and longing for the sunshine to return. Thanks for a wonderful afternoon in the park!

    Your photos are great – I really enjoyed watching the slideshow and seeing what caught your eye!

  7. WST

    A short documentary in French about the history of the park:
    “Ce parc, ancienne carrière de gypse, a été transformé en espace vert très prisé des Parisiens. Résultat : beaucoup de ciment pour faire tenir une roche très fragile.”

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