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Fresh Eyes On Paris

My mom has returned to visit and this time she brought my niece, who is fifteen years old and making her first trip out of the country. It has been such fun seeing Paris through her eyes. I hope she never forgets this trip with her grandmother and her aunt and uncle. I am already planning to visit her when she does her junior semester here in six or so years!

The day they arrived we walked down to the Grand Palais to see if there were any interesting “fashion types” entering the building for the Shiatzy Chen fashion show.



Yep, there were a few.

The next day we spent the morning close to home, shopping at the Wilson market, and enjoying the fashion museum and the Museum of Modern Art. The fashion museum is featuring the French designer Lanvin in a new exhibit that is absolutely wonderful. Don’t miss it if you are in the neighborhood.

I can't resist taking pictures of these gorgeous color blasts.

I can’t resist taking pictures of these gorgeous Delaunay color blasts at the Modern Art Museum.


Can you see the river sparkling out there?


In addition to a stellar collection of art, the Paris Museum of Modern Art also boasts a pretty fabulous view of the Eiffel Tower.



That afternoon the sky was so blue that we had no choice but to walk around Montmartre.


my mama and my niece

my mama and my niece







We were pretty tired at the end of the day, but not too tired to take a bus five stops to Le Bon Georges, where we were greeted warmly and fed a tasty meal, indeed.



melt in your mouth sole meuniere

melt in your mouth sole meuniere

And then we went home and fell into bed.

The End.




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Shopping And A Late Lunch

The sun smiled down on my daughter Martha and me on her last day in Paris. We decided to walk to a store I had read about called Sept-Cinq on the edges of Montmartre. This day, like many days here, was more about a journey than a destination, but it’s nice to have a spot on the map to shoot for, if only for a sense of purpose. Not that there is anything wrong with aimlessness, mind you.


Eglise de la Sainte-Trinité


All too soon we stumbled upon the cozy little Sept Cinq, a shop dedicated to items made by Paris craftsmen. And as the sign says, there is also a small section in the back for a little refreshment after one has shopped up a need for a snack.






The Paris-made treats range from T-shirts to shoes, candles, cards, jewelry, and purses. I spent quite a while lingering over each charming collection. And take a look at the floor.

I'm a sucker for these old tile floors.

I’m a sucker for these old tile floors.





even stuff for the dudes!



but sometimes I pretend to be

but sometimes I pretend to be


The petite tea area in the back was so inviting. Perfect for a private conversation with a best girl friend and a nice cup of something hot.


totally dig that wallpaper



Such a nice little find! But we were not ready to return home, so we kept walking uphill.




It was almost 3:00 when we decided we were kind of hungry. I was inclined to pop in to a bar for a glass of red, but Martha wanted something more substantial. Like lunch. Granted, it’s a bit late for lunch, even in Paris, but when we entered a cute restaurant a man asked if we wanted to eat lunch and we said yes. He told us to sit down in the back, where we waited patiently for a menu. Eventually another man came over and when we asked for a menu he said it might be too late for lunch- he would check. He returned with menus and told us it was fine. SO Martha chose risotto and I chose an open-faced sandwich from another part of the menu labeled “quatre heure”. He told Martha they were out of both risottos on the menu. He told me I couldn’t order the sandwich because it was not for lunch- it was for after lunch time. Hmmmm. We seemed to be somewhere in- between lunch and happy hour and should we just get the hell out of here. We decided to give it one more try. Martha asked for the warm goat cheese salad and, miraculously, she could have it. I had given up and stuck with a glass of red. I tell you this whole story because it is so typical of what one finds in France, and can drive you crazy if you let it. We were happy we stayed, however,  because the salad was delicious, and he even encouraged us to share it, which is not typical of Paris. Lucky for me, Martha did share, and we licked the platter clean.


When we finally got out of there (I think they were hoping we would stick around for “quatre heure” offerings), the sun was on the wane, casting a lovely pink hue on Sacre Coeur.


Sept Cinq
54 Rue Notre-Dame de Lorette, 75009
Tel: +33 (0)9 83 55 05 95
Métro: Saint-Georges


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Girl Time In Paris

When I came back to Paris this time I was lucky enough to be joined first by one daughter, and then the other, and THEN three of her friends from Texas. Do I even need to tell you how wonderful it was having 4/5 of my family here? Pret-ty darn fabulous. We missed our son/brother, bien sûr, but sent him pics until he begged us to stop.

My two daughters were here together for a few days. We did some shopping and some dining, and enjoyed Paris at Christmas time.


Then Martha’s three friends/roommates arrived, and the apartment quickly overflowed with girls and boots and good smells and laughter. I was one very content mama, I can tell you.

The girls made the most of their six-day stay, and were admired by many a man about town. They may not have noticed, but I was behind them, picking up the rear, and I can assure you that they never went unnoticed. But I guess they are used to that. Ah, youth.

Place de la Concorde

Place de la Concorde

I can't remember where this one was taken.

I can’t remember where this one was taken.

on the one sunny day....

on the one sunny day….




That same sunny day they also had a pricey drink at the top of the Pompidou, followed by gelato at Amorino.


Martha and I shared the tour guide umbrella. One day I took them to Saint-Germain because, you know, j’adore.

bus stop beauties

bus stop beauties

We went to Luxembourg Gardens, which was pretty empty on a cold winter’s day.



We also visited Au Bon Marche, Cire Trudon, Coton Deux (we love their pajamas), Hermes, Rue de Buci, and finished at Cafe de Flore for hot chocolate and wine (for moi).

Another day we went to the fun and feisty Marche d’Aligre, where the girls got A LOT of appreciation from the spirited vendors.


We had fun looking at all the produce and enjoying many juicy citrus samples. The small flea market just behind the outdoor market revealed treasures to be explored. One friend bargained hard and bought this framed pencil sketch for her mom. I think she ended up getting it for 1/2 of the first price he quoted her. The girl’s got skills.


From the flea market we entered the old covered market, which was still festive with Christmas decorations and lights.





I loved having these girls in Paris with us. They were perfect guests. They were super enthusiastic about everything, even through jet lag and winter grey. They were all adventurous eaters, which automatically earned my badge of approval. No one needed lots of primping time, so they were able to get out of the apartment early each morning, making their tour guide very happy. They helped in the kitchen and cleaned up after themselves, and they even let Mark and me hang out on the couches with them. And did I mention that they loved to eat??? Gold stars all around!

It sure has been nice living in a city that people want to visit. Mark and I have had such fun entertaining guests during our time here. It’s hard not to have a good time in Paris. We miss our family, and we miss our friends, but sometimes they meet us in Paris, which is always a good idea.

Merci, girls, for making Paris just a little more sparkly for a week.

Now get to work. And Hook ‘Em Horns!


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Eiffel Tower Snow Globe

Bonjour mes amis! 2015 is starting out kind of slow, as we are still fighting the dastardly jet lag, even five days after our arrival. It’s ok to be slow, though, as Paris is still enjoying the final days of “les vacances”, and it seems that we are not the only ones staying inside in our slippers.

On my first day I did take a refreshing walk to the Eiffel Tower to check out the giant snow globe I had heard about. It was a bit underwhelming, actually, but I am wondering if it might have been more impressive at night. I kind of wanted to see some whirling snow or something more festive than just trees. If I do see it after dark  I will update you on the night version.


This doesn’t really capture the crowds that day. They were massive.






On my way back across the river I noticed Sacre -Coeur shining like a jewel in the sun.


One last view from Trocadero.

One last view from Trocadero.

So there you go- a snow globe souvenir from Paris.

I hope your new year has started out with more energy than mine has!


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Paris- Day 3

Wednesday morning Martha slept late (jet lag can be soooo  annoying) so I crept out of the apartment for a walk at Parc Monceau.  No, I did not see The Friends– they go mid-afternoon. I thoroughly enjoyed my walk, however.







The statuary got baths for the New Year, which is a good thing, as some ass-hat had thrown paint on many of them.

The statuary got baths for the New Year, which is a good thing, as some ass-hat had thrown paint on many of them.


One of my fantasies is to own an apartment that looks out onto Parc Monceau.

One of my fantasies is to own an apartment that looks out onto Parc Monceau.



By the time I got home Martha had rejoined the land of the living and was ready for an outing to the Musee d’Orsay.  We enjoyed our walk through the Tuileries and across the river on the pedestrian bridge.  The line to get in was very short, and we spent just enough time admiring the 5th floor Impressionism to see it all but not bore Martha to tears.  I think I could walk that floor once a month and not tire of it.  Le sigh.

approaching the museum from the bridge

approaching the museum from the bridge


Sacre Coeur through the clock



Upon leaving the museum we decided to buy a sandwich from the kiosk and eat it by the river.  Just as the attendant was sliding me my change, the first rain of our trip began to fall.  We hastily shoved the jambon et fromage and the bottle of water into our purses and trotted into the first cafe we saw.  It’s always good to have options.  And an umbrella.

A bientôt!


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Avenue Montaigne


When we walked home from our dinner near the Eiffel Tower on that Friday night, we turned down Ave. Montaigne, as we have done countless times before.  This time, however, we noticed for the first time how the street appears to line up perfectly with Sacre-Coeur.  Paris  still surprises us.

If you hang out here often, you already know that this street is lined with amazing boutiques.  Here are some windows that caught my eye that evening.










At the corner where Ave. Montaigne meets the Champs-Elysees, the Artcurial building was all dressed up in white light.  I thought it was lovely.


More Paris later.  Same Bat Channel.  Same Bat Time.


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Am I Really In Paris?

Ever since I began learning about Paris I have been interested in a park called Parc Des Buttes-Chaumont, in the 19th arrondissement.  I finally got there, with my blogger friend Out and About in Paris, and was enchanted with it.

This 61-acre hilltop park was built in 1863 in an abandoned gypsum quarry and a former gallows, as part of Napoleon III’s greening of Paris.  It rewards visitors with an amazing view of the city, an impressive waterfall, a swan-inhabited lake, and a Greek-style temple.  AND they let you sit on the grass!  In fact, I don’t recall seeing a single “Park Police” the whole time we were there, which is unheard of in these parts.    We enjoyed a picnic lunch and marveled at how far removed from Paris we felt.  Go get yourself a baguette and a glass of wine you can pretend you were there with us!

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