Then and Now

Although we have had to bring the wool coats and scarves back out of the closet (ugh), the visual transformation of Paris from winter to spring is almost complete.  I have to say that I really loved Paris in the winter.  Most of the trees here are deciduous, and the winter light changes the city dramatically.  I also loved the stark lines of the naked trees against the sky.  It was lovely.  However, now that the green canopy over the city has returned, I find that I love it in a whole new way.  Rarely do I find myself on a street that is not almost completely shaded by new, bright green leaves.  And why do I hate topiaries and unnaturally pruned shrubbery in Houston, but find the square French trees perfectly acceptable, if not darn right charming? It’s shear madness, I tell you!  (get it?)

It has been fun watching my familiar ground turn from brown to green. I am not very good about taking pictures at exactly the same spot at different times, but here are some old and new photos taken pretty close to each other.

Happy Spring, mes amis!


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8 responses to “Then and Now

  1. When we left summer had turned to fall and now all I see is green once again! I didn’t have to see the dead of winter. Lovely sight this time of year.

  2. Cindy

    I love playing the game of 40 shades of green in the spring in Houston- just focusing on all the different colors as they come out. Those pics are great. Enjoy!

  3. Au contraire, your contrasts are impressive.

  4. Julie

    I ain’t no Hollah Back girl!!
    (couldn’t resist!)

  5. Natalie

    Beautiful contrasts. I love reading about how you embrace change and revel in the small things that make you smile every day. I’m trying to do that now, too. Inspired by you 🙂

  6. Margaret

    Just makes you want to shout out that old tune, “I Love Paris in the Springtime.” Well maybe I’d best not — don’t want to send people running for cover. Enjoy that lovely Paris weather and the sculptured gardens — funny how their public parks are so manicured and yet residential French gardens (possibly I’m thinking of pictures of ones in Provence) seem to be perpetually in an
    “au naturel” state, all wild and beautiful. Must be those contrasts again.

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