More Mais in Paris? Mais Oui!

I spent two weeks in the States, traveling from Washington DC to Houston to Memphis to Houston, and I loved every minute of it.  The best part was finally gathering all my babies back together again, which hadn’t happened since before Claire left on her gap year last August.  Ok, ok- one picture, if you insist.

I was sad to leave Texas but happy to see Paris, which makes me think I am in a pretty good place no matter where I am.

My husband’s brother, sister-in-law, and nephew arrived here  the day after Claire and I did, so needless to say, things have been buzzing.

You might have heard that France swore in a new president while I was away.  The Champs Elysees was still dressed up for the occasion I returned.

Of course we walked to the river and admired the Pont Alexander, perhaps my favorite bridge in Paris.

We walked all over Montmartre and even bought a little Paris art at the Place du Tertre.

Yeah, there were a few other people there today.

And yes, a few crazy people were there, too.

Enjoy your weekend, my friends! And if you happen to be in Paris and see this crowd of unsavories, give them a wide berth!


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4 responses to “More Mais in Paris? Mais Oui!

  1. Caren upshaw

    Hi Katie, (I’m Cynthia Kuhn’s sister). Since I have been loving and following your blog, and feeling bi-continental since visiting my daughter in Berlin last year, I thought of you when I met the Author of A Texas gal living in Paris for 5 years, in a relationship with French Xavier, and cooking Tex Mex with a French accent! your readership may want to check out this brand new released cook book/ Francophile journal….ask for it at Blue Willow book store of course! (in Houston)

    merci, and bonne chance! Caren Upshaw (austin)

    • Hey Caren! I love Cowgirl Chef and follow her blog here in Paris. I have tweeted with her about visiting Blue Willow, and she said she would consider it! I am sure I will love her cookbook, as I have made many things off her blog and found them delicious. Can’t wait to see it! Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. Julie Little

    That sounds interesting AND Yummy!! I need to check it out.

  3. Helen and Klaus

    Great pics. Many thanks.

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