More Sharing Paris with Family

This morning I left my older daughter in the (reallly long) passport control line at Charles de Gaulle, and by now she is several hours over the Atlantic.  Now that all my visiting family has left, I am gazing at hundreds of photos I took while they were here, and wondering which ones to share with you.  The roses have gone bonkers in Paris, and I have taken abundant pictures of them, but I can already hear the choruses of “yeah, yeah, – we have roses here, too- show us some Paris, why don’ cha?”.  So the roses don’t make the cut.  What does that leave me?

One afternoon we went back to my beloved Nissim de Camondo museum.  This time I took a few pictures, mostly of the window hardware.  I don’t know why, but every time I am in that incredible house, I become obsessed with the window hardware.  Voila.

Can you imagine living in a house full of windows like that?  So gorgeous.

One damp evening we walked home from a wine bar and lost ourselves in the beauty that is Paris at eventide in the spring.

We began at Palais Royale.  It’s a very good place to start.

Next we found ourselves at the Louvre.

Before we knew it, we were at the river.

And then in the Tuileries, which was almost home.


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4 responses to “More Sharing Paris with Family

  1. The Husband

    Will you go to Cafe Marley with me this weekend?

  2. A husband that makes Paris even more romantic!

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