Parlez-vous francais?

One of the great joys of living with my children as they have approached their “grown-up” years is allowing them to  introduce me to pop culture, which I would otherwise be even more oblivious to than I am now.  I am not much of a television watcher, but after months (or in some cases, years) of hearing my kids talk and laugh about shows I have never seen, I have been known to break down and watch them.    Usually, I love them, too.  The Office comes to mind.  And more recently, Modern Family. Southpark was an exception- just never appreciated that one the way I did the Simpsons.  Flight of the Conchords was one that when I finally sat down and watched, I immediately was a fan.  Unfortunately, the show was short-lived, but we do have them on DVD for our continuing viewing enjoyment.  And you tube allows me to re-visit some of my favorite performances by those two crazy Kiwis whenever I need a laugh.  We watched this one soon after we learned of our transfer to Paris.  It still tickles me.

I hope you like it, too.  But my sister didn’t, so you might not.  But try it anyway.

I’m so psyched that there is a pool at my new gym, affording me the opportunity to ask that age-old question from every French 1 textbook, “Ou est la piscine?”.  Finally.


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5 responses to “Parlez-vous francais?

  1. Lisa Harding

    Have you watched Downton Abbey (Masterpiece Classics)? Paul and I both got hooked and are anxiously awaiting next season!

  2. martha clay

    What do you mean, i didn’t like it? I loved FOC way before you saw that clip! I even made the girls stay for the credits of a kids’ movie to see if one of the songs was by the two; it was!! xoxox

    • I didn’t mean you don’t like FOC- but I thought you told me you didn’t think that particular song was funny. Didn’t mean to malign you!
      Foo de fah fah!

  3. dab

    it is only a little alarming that my conversations in french are similar to a few kiwis with the most amazing sideburns ever! Gerard is one of my favorite words in french. Not so good in Italy, but in France, eau la la

  4. Ron

    “It’s Business … It’s Business Time!”

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