Around Castel Monastero

Yesterday afternoon and evening we toured the small town of Siena, a short drive away from our hotel, Castel Monastero.  I haven’t had time to download those pictures, but here is a slideshow of the hotel and the surrounding countryside.  Needless to say, my pictures do not capture the essence of this place, which includes the happy sounds of the birds and the refreshing cool breeze that always seems to be blowing gently on us.

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I’ll post more when I can.  Happy Hump Day, mes amis!


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7 responses to “Around Castel Monastero

  1. Martha Moore

    I can’t wait to hear about that gorgeous candlelit dinner – please share every detail!

  2. Cynthia Kuhn

    Jeff and I are going to Italy in July and will probably spend a day in Siena. So take notes, and let me know what you did and saw. Your pictures get me excited about adventures to come!

  3. Margaret

    Looks gorgeous! I love Siena — one of my favorite cities in Italy. If you are looking for a really fabulous B & B in the midst of the countryside on the Tuscan/Umbrian border, I’ve a tip for you. The owners are friends of friends and the place is just too fabulous. For present or future use, the name is Agriturismo Somaia and here’s the link: You can’t imagine how peaceful this place is, how nice the owners, how great all their organic fruit and homemade preserves, honey, bread, olive oil, etc. and all at wonderful prices. Very nice towns nearby (San Sepolcro, Montone, Citerna, Arezzo, Citta di Castello) that are all worth a trip. And no, I am not receiving any sort of fee for this publicity. Just love the place and really liked the owners, Saverio and Lola. Could have stayed there forever! Baci, bella!

  4. Sylvia

    This looks like a prefect place….Wine Food Friends… Sounds like Volente.

  5. Laurie Stewart Mai

    Just gorgeous!!

  6. Susan Ashcroft

    I am right now Googling “rental villas in Tuscany”

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