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Around Castel Monastero

Yesterday afternoon and evening we toured the small town of Siena, a short drive away from our hotel, Castel Monastero.  I haven’t had time to download those pictures, but here is a slideshow of the hotel and the surrounding countryside.  Needless to say, my pictures do not capture the essence of this place, which includes the happy sounds of the birds and the refreshing cool breeze that always seems to be blowing gently on us.

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I’ll post more when I can.  Happy Hump Day, mes amis!


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Mais Oui Tuscany!

We just arrived and I have only a few minutes before dinner, but I wanted to try to get a quick post out because this place is so beautiful it must be shared.

The flight was only an hour and half into Florence.  How sweet is that?

TIme for wheels up!

Hello, Alps!

Gotta be in Italy now!

From the airport in Florence we drove an hour and a half in a nice bus to our hotel, Castel Monastero. I know it is a restored monastery, but I can’t tell you anything else about it because the hotel book is in Italian.   I will get lots of pictures of it tomorrow, because this place begs to be photographed.

Yep- it was raining when we arrived.

I hope I get to ride in this cute little thing

Window in our room

view from bathroom window

looking out the window

le bed

I must go get ready for dinner.  Come back tomorrow for more Tuscany!

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