Ernesto Who?

Well, it was touch and go until late into the night before we were  scheduled to fly to Cancun.  We must have checked the weather forecast for Isla Mujeres 100 times.  When United Airlines added Cancun to the list of airports for which it would allow no-penalty ticket changes, we almost picked another destination.  But we were tired.  And our bags were packed with beach stuff.  We decided we would show up for our early morning flight, and if it was canceled we would figure out an alternative.  Luckily, we didn’t have to.  The flight was on, and Tropical Storm Ernesto was pretty much off when we got there.

Isla Mujeres is a tiny island with a quaint village and beautiful beaches.  We sprawled on beach chairs under umbrellas, ate platters of delicious seafood, and read several books.  Who could ask for more from a beach holiday?

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2 responses to “Ernesto Who?

  1. The seafood platter! Yum . . .

  2. martyorozco

    Several books? How long were you there?!

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