Before, After, and After

When I arrived back home to Houston in June, I wasn’t planning to re-do my kitchen.  I knew I hated my stained, pitted, cracked, and otherwise despicable concrete counters, but I assumed I could live with them.  This townhouse is only a temporary gig, and we aren’t here all that much.  But then….

My front door broke.

Yep. It’s broke.

I knew I couldn’t live with that.  SO I was forced to call my oh-so-handy handy man.  When he came to deal with the door, his T-shirt mentioned that he also did granite counters.  Hmmmm.  You see where this is going.  I casually asked him if there were any possible way he could replace my counters and backsplash in the few short weeks I was going to be in Houston.  Guess what?  He could!  So that’s how I went from this

and this

to this

Yea!  Shiny, clean granite!  Sooooo much  better than the dirty concrete!  And now, the next step was the backsplash.

So I went to a nice little tile shop and decided to splurge on a glass tile backsplash that I thought was gorgeous.  I loved it.  So Handy Man put it up.  The whole thing.  And then he took the protective paper off the counters and I saw them with the splash and I didn’t love it so much.  And neither did my two kids who weighed in.  And neither did my sister, via iphone pics.  I pretty much had a mini-melt-down all by myself the night I was supposed to be picking out grout color so that the backsplash could be permanently affixed to my kitchen walls.  Mark was in New York and I might have freaked out to him via electronic message that I was having a Backsplash Crisis, and that sweet man told me to just pick another one.  Just like that.  Don’t sweat the small stuff.  I don’t know what I did in a previous life to deserve this man, but I can assure you it was infinitely better than anything I have done in this life.    So that’s how I went from this

to this

I like my kitchen so much better now.

But I’m still waiting for my new front door.  Turns out it takes a lot longer to have a door made than it does to have counter tops made.  Now you know.

So that was my little remodel adventure for this summer.  Anyone else ever made a bad choice in a similar situation?  Did you live with it, or did you start over?


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5 responses to “Before, After, and After

  1. cindy

    Looks great! Of course, I liked the glass thing- used it (or something very similar) as an accent in my backsplash in Colorado. Now you are an official empty nester. Congrats!

  2. Lisa

    I love glass tile but you were right in changing it. Did not work with that granite. Love what you picked instead. And is that Fred I see in one of those pics? He sure does get around!

  3. Sylvia

    Great job Kate. It is tough to find the right look. You did great.
    There is nothing like being comfy in your nest ;>)
    I will agree you about the great guy. You and I are blessed.

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