Jardin du Luxembourg

The Luxembourg Gardens is located on the edge of one of my favorite Paris neighborhoods- St. Germain-des-Pres.  When the day is as sunny and warm as this one, I am always drawn to this sprawling, sculpted, and serene park.  Sadly, I usually feel frustrated when I try to photograph these grounds.  It just feels like too much space, with immense trees and hidden sculptures sprinkled around every corner, to capture with my camera.  Here are today’s efforts.

The Gardens are surrounded by this regal gate, which I love.

Dahlias, dahlings!

This was taken from my picnic spot overlooking the Senate, one of France’s two houses of Parliament.

One more time, because I love the sky in this one!

Even with all these pictures, I didn’t show you the ponies, the pond, the carousel, the puppet theater, the playgrounds, the museum, and lots of other wonderful parts of the park.  Shall we return for those another day?


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7 responses to “Jardin du Luxembourg

  1. Rita Hendrix

    Thank you for a day in the park! All of your photos are wonderful.

    Bon apres midi:)


  2. T C

    it looks fabulous while we are still fighting the 100 degree and above! Thanks for sharing! Miss you already

  3. Claire Sharp

    Well I loved the pictures and want to see more…Paris is always delightful and I almost feel like I’m there. Almost! Thanks for sharing! Claire

  4. Garlanda

    I remember a tiny, fresh, perfect lunch Tom and I had outside the little garden cafe in the park…it made jet lag easier to ignore. Way too long ago!

  5. OK, seriously…you’re in my old back yard and now making me so darn Paris homesick! As I sit here in Maine, I’m actually contemplating how I could hijack a lobster boat and sail myself to France. Hoping a little wish I have for next summer comes true. Fingers are crossed!
    Did you check out the new Angelinas they have there? It was being built this time last summer and I think it might have been complete when I was there in April…not sure though.

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