A Stroll Around St. Germain

After eating my little picnic in the Jardin du Luxembourg I ambled aimlessly around the lovely streets of St. Germain and pretended like I lived in this oh-so-chic neighborhood.  The shops are incredible over there!  I thoroughly enjoyed gazing at the windows, wondering what it would be like to be able to afford all those gorgeous things.

I thought these shoes were interesting.  According to the little sign, they are a mere 590 euros.  I would have to display them in my apartment, I think, rather than wear them on the streets of Paris!

There were many shops of fabrics and trims for pillows, window treatments, and furniture.  The windows were amazing, drenched with unfurled bolts of fabrics that  I was dying to touch (but didn’t).  

Each of these pitchers was covered in a luscious  fabric.  Oh my.

I wandered through an open passage  and saw this beautiful staircase.  I wonder where it leads?

While searching for the Musee Delacroix, I became enamored of this little shop which was next door to the museum.  I couldn’t find its name anywhere, but it had lovely gardening tools, among other treasures, in the window.  I think I should go inside next time.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  We are off to Nice, so get your swimsuits and designer sunglasses ready, dahlings!

P.S.  I keep forgetting to send out a big shout-out of appreciation to a wonderful group of Mais Oui Paris devotees who took me to lunch on the day before I left Houston.  Merci, y’all- it was wonderful to finally meet you!


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5 responses to “A Stroll Around St. Germain

  1. Sylvia

    Wow While I trully enjoyed my visit with Mark, I wish you had been there for me to explore with. You always find the cool places.

  2. Lisa

    Looking forward to your Nice photos! Next time let us know when you are going there and we can meet you for the weekend–it is only a 3 1/2 hour drive from here!

  3. T C

    How sweet of the ladies to do lunch. Where did you have lunch, it looks darling?

  4. Martha Clay

    Sister, i am so glad lovely weather has greeted you back to Paris! I imagine I’m with you on your strolls, working off the cheese and pastries. Manual Canovas made the purple fabric on my LR chairs! Love his stuff. Have a gorgeous weekend and wear your flip-flops (or high heeled wedges, since it’s France) as the beaches in Nice are rocky! xxo

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