Lets Go To The Riviera!

Our weekend in Nice was a delightful get-away .  We left Friday afternoon, flew for an hour and ten minutes, and voila- we were in the city of Nice, which felt worlds away from Paris.

Nice is very much a beachy resort town, but with none of the tackiness that too often dresses such places.  The oldest hotel, Hotel Negresco, was built in the early 1900’s, and much of the city reminded me of that era.  It was elegant without stuffiness, and reflected its proximity to Italy in an appealing Mediterranean flair.

Our hotel had a nice rooftop bar, serving up this view of the water.

After a “welcome to Nice” cocktail, we walked along this promenade into Old Town Nice, about 45 minutes.

Along the way we passed private beach areas where one could rent a chair and umbrella and enjoy food and drink service.  I love the timeless look of these places- they really could be straight out of the 1950’s.

After a delicious feast of seafood, we walked around the city and enjoyed its energy.  Everyone seemed happy to be there.  And who could blame them?

All these guys got lit up as the night got darker.

The next morning we were picked up early for a four-hour van tour up the coast to the cliff village of Eze and the microcosm of wealth, Monte Carlo.  See if you can tell which is which.

Saturday afternoon we ate lunch on the beach and then collapsed in beach chairs and hardly moved for several hours.  We did venture into the Mediterranean, which was a lot colder than it looked!  The water was gorgeous- perfectly clear down to the smooth rocks on the bottom.  The temperature didn’t seem to bother the French and Italian people around us, who were luxuriating in the water as if it were a thermal bath.  I don’t know how they did it.

And that was our weekend on the Riviera.  I hope you enjoyed your tour!  I will put more pictures on Mais Oui Paris Facebook page, if you need more eye candy!


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10 responses to “Lets Go To The Riviera!

  1. Martha Moore

    Oh this last picture of the umbrellas is fantastic! The angle is fabulous and shows off the umbrella blues against the sky blues – nice!

  2. Elaine Taylor

    Gorgeous! Even prettier than I remembered it. Cliff village of Eze is so cool – have never heard of it. It must be quite old. 🙂 Love your photos- you ‘re a wonderful photographer!

  3. Julie

    We all loved the Riviera. So beautiful. Glad you got to Monte Carlo. They have an amazing public garden there full of succulents that is spectacular.
    I believe it is the Jardin Exotique (Probably misspelled but something like that.) Eze looks wonderful. Sort of mysterious. like you never know what you will see around the next corner. So we will stay tuned for the next interesting and amazing tour Where in the world is Kate Mai? sung to the tune of Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego.

  4. Mary Ann Pete

    Yesterday morning at church (Memorial Drive United Methodist) my friend Debbie Moore came up to me and asked if I was in a photo with Kate having lunch on her last day in Houston. I’ve known Debbie for at least 15 years and now I know who Miss Cordon Bleu is!!!

  5. Cynthia Kuhn

    When you get back, you must watch my favorite movie ever: “To Catch a Thief” with Cary Grant and Grace Kelly. Of course, I’m sure you know, mes amis, Grace Kelly met Prince Ranier of Monaco during the filming of this movie, and the rest is history. When Jeff and I went to the French Riviera in 1986, we had a great time getting dressed up and going to the casino. We played red and then black on roulette all night, breaking even and enjoying the beautiful view over the bay. What a great place!

  6. csharp59

    Didnt you love Eze…so fun and loved the view from up there?! I’m do glad you are experiencing so many wonderful places while you are there!!

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