Brought To You By The Wilson Market

It was a wonderful morning at the market.  The air was cool with a hint of a sprinkle, which might explain why the crowd seemed thinner than usual.  The vendors were unusually friendly.  The produce was absolutely inspiring.  I bought ingredients for Ina’s Roasted Potato and Leek Soup, because it finally feels like fall in Paris, and because we are crazy about this soup, and because I have big containers of extraordinarily brown and yummy chicken stock from the big fat chicken I roasted Monday night.  That’s why.  I also bought lots of gorgeous veggies for David Lebovitz’s Chopped Vegetable Salad with Lemon and Garlic Dressing, which I am eating as I type and wow is it good.  And garlic-y.  Wow.

AND I have baked two trays of Salted Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies.  Why?  Because it rained all day yesterday and so I made cookie dough instead of walking all over town.  And I am thinking of sharing these with my Frenchie friends in the hood in hopes that they will like me more and maybe even speak French with me.  Does that make me pitiful?  I hope not.

So this is actually going to be my second post of the day (and the first was about food, too- wasn’t it?  I really need to develop some new interests), but I just feel the need to share my kitchen mojo.    I highly recommend all of these recipes.  Really.


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11 responses to “Brought To You By The Wilson Market

  1. martha moore

    you are just having too much fun – and putting me to shame! i baked toll house cookies from the back of the bag yesterday; i’m sure yours were so much better. are you just a teeny tiny bit glad you didn’t have to walk sawyer in all that rain yesterday?

    • So you can tell I’m having fun today? And yes, it was SO nice not to have to leave the apartment until 5:00 pm when it finally quit raining and I could walk to the stinky Franprix for lettuce and to Julian for bread!

  2. T C

    You are busy in the kitchen, I am sure your family is thrilled!

  3. Julie

    And it’s raining here!! But never a sad note for rain in Texas after last summer’s drought.

  4. Kathy Powell

    Love the vegetable art!

  5. Cassandra

    Kate you are inspiring me! I love potato and leek soup, though it does not really feel like fall here yet. Loved hearing from you twice in one day.

  6. Ooh that butter! I can still imagine it bursting little flavored in my mouth! Love from Mom

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  7. Rita

    What FUN!! Thank you for the lovely foodie up-date! I will have to try that soup! Your photos are really wonderful.

    a bientot,


  8. Rita Hendrix

    What FUN!! Thank you for the lovely foodie up-date! I love the “Wilson” market. I now want to make that soup! Your photos are really wonderful.

    a bientot,


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