Fall Color

I don’t usually keep up with the fashion news, but living in Paris, it’s hard to be totally oblivious (even for me).  I have read recently that the new color  is purple ( or purplish) , including burgundy (or bordeaux, if you’re in France).  I can’t think of a single thing I own for this season that falls within that color family.  Quelle horreur!  I did notice that the dresses and bags in Nina Ricci’s window all featured tones of purple.  Do you like them?

Here on the streets of Paris, however, dark colors still dominate.

During an art tour yesterday, I was momentarily distracted by the color out the window.

Enjoy your weekend, mes amis.


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9 responses to “Fall Color

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  2. I’m hollah backin’ woo hoo!

    First off, hi!! It was so nice to meet you the other day! I’m excited to have a new blog on my roster o’ reads!

    So don’t you love how every fall, there’s a “new it color”? It gives me anxiety every year because I never have the color because baby pink – the only color I seem to own – is never selected as the new autumn color! ; )

    Have a nice weekend!

    • I knew you were a hollah back girl!!Loved meeting you too, and looking forward to being able to talk more soon.
      I am always interested to see what the color du jour will be, but it doesn’t cause me much anxiety, because i”ll probably be wearing clothes from several seasons ago, anyway.
      And you shouldn’t worry- given the waiter’s reaction to you the other day, you rock the baby pink just fine!

  3. T C

    Oh yes! I love purple, any variation of it and I love the short booties, super cool. Did you actually see her walk in those? Buy some purple before you come back.
    Tres Chic!

  4. HeidiJo

    Purple cashmere socks are the last word in High Anglican apparel, thinking a palatinate velvet frock coat would work too. Keep us posted, am.even enjoying the frock shots.
    Incidentally, out there in the Texas blogosphere I note, with some interest, that knowing women of about our vintage are leaning towards the house dress as a must have. I’m bored with middle-aged irony but I like the nostalgia of the humble house dress.
    A bientot.

  5. I love all things purple, but those dresses are just goofy. The purses I could live with. When my daughter was 3, she insisted that I buy her a purple purse for Easter (to match her dress), and then she wanted to shop for purple shoes. I have never gotten up the nerve to carry a purple purse, but I think I am about to reach that stage of crazy-lady-ness.

Hollah back y'all!

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