The Latin Quarter

Today’s feature presentation: Scenes From The Latin Quarter

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3 responses to “The Latin Quarter

  1. My phone isn’t letting me comment the “normal” way…how fitting!…here it is…first, I want to be you…and second, just wanted you to know I silenced my cell phone and did not text during the feature presentation! Is Martha counting days until next semester?…tell her it is 90° and muuuugggggyyy….xoxo carole T-Mobile, America’s First Nationwide 4G Network Sent by Samsung Mobile

    • HhhheeeeyyyySweet Carole! So nice to hear your voice in my head today! Good thing it’s loud because it had to be heard over all the OTHER voices in my head, you know. It’s noisy in there! Yes, Martha is tres excited about next semester. We were just talking about needing to get our plane tickets for December and when she realized hers would be “1-way” she practically bounced in her chair. I don’t think she cares about the humidity. I do, though.

  2. Garlanda

    All beautiful….

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