Ladies Who Lunch

Contrary to what many of my friends think, I do not typically spend my days at cafes and glamorous restaurants.  In fact, most days my lunch is straight out of last night’s Tupperwared left-overs.  However, some days are better than others.

Several weeks ago I met a friend for lunch under the gorgeous dome of  Printemps department store, which is a 30 minute walk from my apartment.  The restaurant was so lovely, I couldn’t wait to share the pictures with you.  But then for some reason, I did wait.  In fact, I waited so long that I almost forgot about that nice day I spent wandering around that beautiful store, enjoying a delicious lunch, and then joining a walking tour before heading back to watch the Biggest Fashion Show In The World.  It was a good day in Paris.

When you walk into Printemps, you step onto this gorgeous mosaic in the entryway.  I think it really sets the stage for the atmosphere of this lovely, old store.

I walked into the center of the store and looked up at the dome.

The route to the store restaurant was a long and windy one.  I assume they are trying to whet one’s appetite for more than lunch.  I loved the big wire sculptures of marine animals and birds suspended in the children’s departments.

We also passed the wacky Louis Vuitton displays.

Oh, and I did figure out what is behind this Vuitton campaign.  More on that later.

Here is something I don’t understand.  Within the fancy department stores, there are small designer boutiques, which frequently are cordoned off like this one.  A “guard” lets people in a few at a time, and the rest patiently stand there and gaze longingly at the wares within.  At Christmas it’s really crazy- the lines to get in these “stores in a store” are long, the lines to pay  in these small spaces are long, and it’s invariably hot and stuffy.  No wonder people get cranky during the holidays.  Geesh.

I don’t think so, LV.

Finally we reached the restaurant.  Wow.

in the restaurant

We were on the early side, so it was still pretty empty.

I loved the way the mirrored tables reflected the dome.  Brilliant!

After lunch we went up one more floor, which is the roof-top bar and self-serve cafe.  Not nearly as elegant, but with its own beautiful ceiling- the skyline of Paris.

Then it was time to make the long descent to the street.

Just so I can add a “fashion” tag to this post, here is one of the windows.  I read somewhere that shoes this year are very “sculpted”, and I guess these boots reflect that trend.

As for me, I am sticking with my plain old low-heeled riding boots, because God knows I cover the miles in this city in my tireless quest to keep you all entertained.  And I’m very happy to do it.  Especially when lunch is involved.


I am off to St. Louis tomorrow to see my girl.  I think some shopping may be in my future.  Just a hunch.

A bientot, mes amis!


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6 responses to “Ladies Who Lunch

  1. Love the photo of the mirrored table! That was one of my favorite places that Patrick and I went to – so exquisite. I can’t figure out how I feel about LV’s new ads – It’s definitely unique. Looks like art by Yoyoi Kusama maybe? Miss you!

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  3. cindy

    Kate- don’t pop our bubble as we try to live vicariously through you. I for one, will continue to picture you out lunching at fabulous cafes every day! Have a great trip to ST L.

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