London For A Day

A few weeks ago the three of us hopped on the Eurostar train at Gare du Nord and got off at St. Pancras Station in London two hours and fifteen minutes later.  Is that cool or what?  We stayed for one night, which was just long enough for Martha to scour Topshop and for me to browse through Liberty and  for all of us to see The Lion King.

I love train stations! St. Pancras, recently renovated, is particularly gorgeous.

Exterior of St. Pancras

Taxi drivers who speak English= luxury!

I loved this painting in our hotel lobby.

Who knew?


As we were walking back to our hotel from seeing The Lion King, we heard commotion on the street ahead of us.  I had just said,”Looks like we got us a sit-e–ation up here” when a big black car with little flags on the hood turned right in front of us.  Yes- it was the Queen on her way home from the Opera House!  We only saw the back of her little white head, but it was appropriately coiffed, as always.  Even the British people around us seemed to get a little thrill out of seeing her.

Such a fun little jaunt!  I have already told Mark that I want to go back in the spring and see  Book of Mormon.  Perhaps one of our London friends will work on getting tickets for us?  Anyone?

Stay calm and carry on, mes amis!  It’s a lot easier than waiting for you luggage  to come down the belt.


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8 responses to “London For A Day

  1. suburbanyogini

    I love the new St Pancras. King’s Cross will be finished soon too + the whole area will be gorgeous. Glad you had a good day.

  2. Julie

    WOW!! Only 2 1/2 hours to a TJ Maxx Now that is awesome in itself,
    And just think it’s the same amount of time as driving to Austin!!
    Now we know you can handle that…

  3. Does that say TK Maxx?? I’m I going nuts or is it supposed to be TJ Maxx???
    The Chef and I will be in Paris this coming March- this looks like an easy trip to make. Will you still be there this Spring?

  4. I always feel like Alice falling down the rabbit hole when I do a London day trip. Its all rather fantastical….

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