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Good Morning, World

Fall has finally arrived here in Austin, Texas, and not a moment too soon. This morning was particularly beautiful.






Tomorrow morning we point our car back to the west for a week in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. If all goes as planned, we will be having dinner in Santa Fe this time tomorrow night. We are taking this guy with us, but he doesn’t get to go to dinner. Don’t tell him.


It’s hard to believe that a year ago today we were walking around Hyde Park in London.


And two years ago we were in Paris, living the dream.


If someone can figure out how to slow down this experience we call “life”, please let me know. It’s all happening way too fast.

Enjoy whatever life brings you in the next week, and thanks for checking in with me!


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Ain’t it the truth? I think of this quote every year when this glorious month rolls around. I have spent the last several Octobers in Paris or London, where this month is everything it’s supposed to be- cool and colorful- beckoning us to follow it into the darker and colder months ahead. Meanwhile, it’s ninety degrees here in Austin, Texas, and all my plants look as sick of the heat as I am. So I wait for a cool breeze and flip though some of my favorite photos of falls past.













Now I’m really feeling nostalgic and maybe even a bit grumpier with my current October. This would be the time to slap myself and  be thankful that I am not in Haiti or any of the many places in Hurricane Matthew’s path right now. It’s hot and humid and green here, but at least my home is cool, dry, and comfortable. Reality checks are good.

September was a frenzy around here. Claire flew home from Paraguay, accepted a job in Washington DC, had some oral surgery (sorry about those two permanent teeth you never received but pretty sure it was the only mistake your dad and I ever made, and you’re right about dental implants not being the sexy kind), found a place to live and moved in, all in a period of three and a half weeks. This month should be a bit calmer, and we are hoping for great progress on our house renovations, which continue to charge ahead at a glacial pace. Apparently it’s true what they say about its being faster to build a house than to renovate one. They do say that, right? If not, they should.

I hope you all are safe and dry, wherever you are, and if you’re in a place where October is in full splendor, please send me a photo. Or maybe not.

P.S.- I have been reading some really great stuff lately and have updated my Books page accordingly. Check it out if you are in a reading slump.


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Weekend in London

Mark and I left Paris Friday afternoon for a weekend in London, which I was SURE was going to coincide with the Royal Bebe.  Alas, the baby did not come, and every Londoner we asked about it rolled their eyes and assured us that it was only we (silly) Americans who gave a flip about The Baby.  Humph.  Sometimes those English can be decidedly stodgy.

These were our wonderful hosts.

Nixon loved me and wanted to sit in my lap and snuggle in my bed.  Guess which one is Nixon?

Nixon loved me and wanted to sit in my lap and snuggle in my bed. Guess which one is Nixon?

They live in a gorgeous Knightsbridge neighborhood, which we explored Friday night.

Harrod's in the evening shadows.

Harrod’s in the evening shadows.



No trip to London is complete without at least one pub pint.

No trip to London is complete without at least one pub pint.

Saturday we walked all over the city and saw a matinée performance of Book of Mormon, which was as good as people had promised.

I indulged my obsession with the newly renovated St. Pancras.


The former "booking office" is now a restaurant.

The former “booking office” is now a restaurant.



lobby of the Renaissance Hotel at St. Pancras



On Sunday we walked around Kensington Gardens, which was sadly brown with thirst as a result of the high temperatures and recent lack of rain.

IMG_3205There were plenty of areas that were not brown, however.




What is a stroll through English gardens without…..Aston Martins?  In celebration of its 100th year, the famous British car company was exhibiting 150 models in Kensington Gardens Park.



One section was all Aston Martins that had been used in Bond films.  James Bond.

One section was all Aston Martins that had been used in Bond films. James Bond.

A Bond Girl, perhaps?

A Bond Girl, perhaps?

Such a fun weekend.  Each time Mark and I go to London we are reminded of how much we love it.

Cheers to the new prince!


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London For A Day

A few weeks ago the three of us hopped on the Eurostar train at Gare du Nord and got off at St. Pancras Station in London two hours and fifteen minutes later.  Is that cool or what?  We stayed for one night, which was just long enough for Martha to scour Topshop and for me to browse through Liberty and  for all of us to see The Lion King.

I love train stations! St. Pancras, recently renovated, is particularly gorgeous.

Exterior of St. Pancras

Taxi drivers who speak English= luxury!

I loved this painting in our hotel lobby.

Who knew?


As we were walking back to our hotel from seeing The Lion King, we heard commotion on the street ahead of us.  I had just said,”Looks like we got us a sit-e–ation up here” when a big black car with little flags on the hood turned right in front of us.  Yes- it was the Queen on her way home from the Opera House!  We only saw the back of her little white head, but it was appropriately coiffed, as always.  Even the British people around us seemed to get a little thrill out of seeing her.

Such a fun little jaunt!  I have already told Mark that I want to go back in the spring and see  Book of Mormon.  Perhaps one of our London friends will work on getting tickets for us?  Anyone?

Stay calm and carry on, mes amis!  It’s a lot easier than waiting for you luggage  to come down the belt.


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