So Thankful!

Happy Thanksgiving, my dear friends!  Like last year, it’s a bit strange being here in the Land of No Thanksgiving, knowing that at home the grocery stores are all bursting at the seams and kids are flocking home from college.  I don’t miss the crowded stores as much as I  miss the kids coming home!  If any of you has sightings of my offspring, please tell them to slow down and quit texting.  Thanks so much.

We will be feasting on Friday with our table fully extended for ten.  Like last year, I ordered a cooked turkey and gravy, and will be rotating the side dishes through my one tiny oven and then zapping them in the microwave before they go to the table.    My poor refrigerator is already groaning with all the provisions I have stuffed in it.  It’s times like these that I miss my old “walk-in”  fridge!  It looks like we will be having pretty standard Thanksgiving fare, although we will substitute potato gratin for mashed potatoes, add  a cheese plate and, of course, lots of French wine.  And a few baguette.  With ample French butter.  Yum.

I hope to have some visual aids to share after the dust settles and the dishes are put away and the guests have gone home.  In the meantime, I hope you all have a memorable Thanksgiving wherever you are.  I am so thankful for my time in Paris and for you, my friends, who so graciously encourage me write about it here.

Merci.  Merci.  Merci.


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10 responses to “So Thankful!

  1. Jan Lindley

    Happy Thanksgiving Kate! It was wonderful to see you and Mark at the Christmas markets. Thank you so much for including Brooke on Thanksgiving!
    Peace and blessings,

    • Now that wasn’t so scary, was it??? And you didn’t even sound stupid:). It was an unexpected treat to be with you all the other night. I hope you enjoyed your few days with your girl. She will be a pleasure to have at our table!

  2. Helen and Klaus

    We’ll enjoy being with Claire and Patrick. Helen and Klaus

  3. Julie

    Enjoy your Thanksgiving. One of Caroline’s roommates is there in your fair city with her dad and sister.
    We are all in Atlanta Lots of cooking and still more to come from my blossoming chef Caroline. She loves to experiment with new ideas

  4. Cyndy Goodrich Smith

    Happy Thanksgiving Kate. I know how weird it is to be overseas celebrating. Eric had work, the kids has school… I used to make a turkey breast, a pie, some dressing. We’d be done in 2o minutes and the kids had homework! It was sometimes nice but often weird. And hunting for all the ingredients….funny. Enjoy!

    • Yeah- that’s why we have eaten Thanksgiving on Friday night both years. Mark is taking half the day off and Martha is skipping school (!) so it’s kind of like a holiday. The best part is no crowded stores and nothing is closed! HOpe your was nice yesterday.

  5. T C

    Hi Kate,
    This was the first year we haven’t been home for Thanksgiving. We rented a house in Scottsdale and met almost all of Scott’s family there and played tennis, golf and watch the kids play soccer. My brother in law is an amazing cook and so he was in charge of most everything which was wonderful. Now we are back to a beautiful 77 degrees today. Miss you guys!

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