Louis Vuitton Does Christmas For Galeries Lafayette

All that remains of my Thanksgiving celebration are the table linens waiting to be ironed and the leftovers waiting to be eaten.  I do so love a holiday that is all about the food and the table, don’t you?  But now that the dishes are put away, there is no denying that Christmas and Hanukkah will soon be upon us.  Paris is definitely all decked out in her holiday finery.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I had the pleasure of several rounds of guests in the last two weeks.  They all  enjoyed seeing the lights and windows of the two big department stores on Boulevard Haussmann, Printemps and Galeries Lafayette.

Today’s feature is Galeries Lafayette.

All of you Louis Vuitton fans will love these windows, which he decorated for the store’s theme of  “Ball of the Century“.  The theme refers to the 100 year anniversary of the store’s gorgeous Art Nouveau dome, pictured here above the glittering Christmas tree.

Isn’t that an amazing tree?  The gigantic Swarovski crystals changed colors under the big lights beaming down upon them.  I thought the color effects on the dome were gorgeous.

Now for the Louis Vuitton windows.  I am beginning to understand that Christmas windows in Paris department stores are not going to be displaying traditional holiday symbols.  Non, non, non.  Louis Vuitton offers us a delightful array of animals, but not a reindeer in sight.  Lots of trunks and luggage, but nary a sleigh.  I would love my presents delivered in an LV trunk- thanks, Santa!

This lovely trunk can be yours for a mere 44,000 euros.

Although not a huge LV purse fan, I am quite fascinated with the luggage, so I enjoyed looking at all these pieces in the windows.  People who own this luggage clearly do not fly with the masses, whose bags are thrown on and off the belts and carts like sacks of potatoes.  Or worse.  Sometimes I like to linger outside the swanky hotels just to watch the luggage that is being wheeled in and out.  Weird, I know, but harmless.

Start shopping, my friends!  Christmas will be here before you know it.


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3 responses to “Louis Vuitton Does Christmas For Galeries Lafayette

  1. You still have Thanksgiving leftovers? Yum! We’re down to the very last slice of pecan pie, which Stephane generously left for me to eat.

  2. Tracie B

    You iron your table linens before you put them away? Don’t you then have to iron them again before you use them again? I’m very confused by the ways of the food hostess! The LV tree is GORGEOUS. Thanks so much for sharing! —Tracie

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