And Now- Printemps!

While Galeries Lafayette chose Louis Vuitton to design its dazzling Christmas windows this year, rival neighbor Printemps wore Christian Dior this season.  And she looked absolutely stunning.

Here she is from afar.

The theme was Noel, Inspirations Parisiennes, and the windows featured gorgeous drawings of Paris landmarks.

The marionettes were beautiful in their Dior outfits and their precious little Dior bags.

Aren’t those gorgeous?  I have to give this year’s contest to Printemps, even though they didn’t have an amazing tree that changed colors.

I found several blogs with fabulous photos and good information about Printemps and the decorations.   If  you would like to see and read more, go here and here.

Thanks for peeking in my little window on Paris, mes amis!


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7 responses to “And Now- Printemps!

  1. Julie Little

    Love the marionettes. I would love Steve those in person. Thanks for sharing

  2. You’re welcome! Don’t call me Steve.

  3. Texan05

    I mean love to see them in person
    Signed Bad Typist,Julie

  4. Trisha Wished She Lived in Paris Mohle

    Thank you transporting me to magicland all the time!!! Much more fun than the laundry I am currently attacking…

  5. Cynthia Kuhn

    Let’s all go to a ball in Paris and wear those gowns. They’re beautiful!

  6. I loved the Printemps windows, too, and I was thrilled that they had minimal branding compared to GL!!!!

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