Good To Be Back

I have been back in Paris for three days now, which has been ample time to recover from jet lag and gather some photos to share with you all.  Here was our Saturday night.

We reserved a table at a restaurant near Notre Dame, so we left an hour early to allow time for a stroll around that neighborhood, which is always so lovely at night.  And particularly so on a night with a full moon.




We went inside Notre Dame because whenever I am there and there isn’t a line, I feel compelled to go in, even if for just a quick peek.  A mass was being held, so the church was redolent with incense and was echoing with Latin.



Our restaurant, Atelier Maitre Albert, was just across the river.  Described as a “contemporary rotisserie”, it was spacious and visually pleasing.  One wall contained  a gorgeous fireplace, and the wall across from it held a large spit which was turning big pieces of meat.  Both the fireplace and the spit contributed to the  incredible aroma that greeted us in the restaurant.



Le Maitre Albert is a Guy Savoy restaurant, which probably explains the high prices better than the quality of the food did.  The food was good, mind you, but probably not that good.

Here are our starters- artichoke soup and a crispy fish cake with a light salad.



For our main dishes I had a slice of prime rib (offered “blue” or “bloody”, which suited me fine) and potatoes gratin.  Mark had the roasted chicken and mashed potatoes, which were equal parts butter and potato (which also suited me fine).   It was a lovely, if a tad spendy, way to celebrate being out in Paris together again.

As we waited for our bus, I noticed this poster for Silver Linings Playbook, or “Happiness Therapy”, as it called here.


Go see it, no matter what it’s called in your neighborhood!  We thought it was great.  And Bradley Cooper?  Well, he looks good in any language.

Stay tuned for more Paris, mes amis!


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9 responses to “Good To Be Back

  1. Martha Clay

    Oh, que j’aime Bradley!

  2. T C

    I hope you can’t feel the envy thru the computer! As I am doing a 21 day my fit food challenge. That includes no vino, caffeine along with many other fun things so I would love for you to enjoy even more sweet friend!:)

  3. Happiness Therapy! I like that title better…it was a good film. So will you be in Paris in March?

  4. Nice to see you can still find beauty in the popular Paris attractions like Notre dame.

    Despite not claiming to be a Christian, I always find the masses, spiritual, warm and inspirational,. I love the warmth and the smell of incense.
    I sometimes wonder if people who live in Paris become desensitised to the beut of Paris. This is obviously not the case with you.

    Welcome back to Europe.

    Love Denise

  5. Julie Little

    Loved the movie,Silver Lining Playbook. Saturday we saw Amour,all in French but of course with English subtitles. Maybe you can see it in the US so you can practice your French!! Enjoy

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