Fashion Week Paris

As you probably know, twice a year the fashion world gathers in Paris for Fashion Week.  Usually, I am aware it’s Fashion Week, and then I yawn and say, “wow- Fashion Week is over and I didn’t see any signs of it”.  But yesterday I decided to see what it was all about. Of course I didn’t have a coveted invitation to any of the fashion shows, so I stood outside the venues and looked for people who were famous, might be famous, or just wanted to be famous (there were lots of those).

First, I arrived at Trocadero at 9:30 in the morning, which was way early for the Sacai show which began at 11:00.  No, I have no idea who Sacai is, but it was the first show of the day with a publicized venue.  The Stella McCartney show (9:30) would have been better, but one had to have an invitation in order to know where the show was being held.  So there I was at Trocadero, which is just across from the Eiffel Tower, early on a cold morning.



Very gradually, people in funky outfits began showing up.  Most had the white envelope required for admission; others were there just to be seen and to see who else showed up.









Next I took the metro to the Grand Palais, where a crowd was already gathering for the 12:00 Leonard show.



This woman was very popular with the photographers.

This woman was very popular with the photographers.


I thought this woman looked very nice- and that bag!

I thought this woman looked very nice- and that bag!


loved the matching Asian couple with the dots

loved the matching Asian couple with the dots


The only sort-of famous people whom I half-way recognized were these two.

IMG_2975 IMG_2976

With the help of friends, I now know that he is French designer Jean-Claude Jitrois and she is American actress Sarah Marshall.  Would any of you have known that?

I couldn’t have been that close to the Tuileries and not visited them, so I walked on down the Champs-Elysees to the gardens and ate a sandwich in the sun.



Then I went home and rested my dogs for a half-hour before heading for Parc Monceau and later to a cocktail party with more fashionistas and one very famous and beautiful French woman.  But more on that later.

A bientôt!


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3 responses to “Fashion Week Paris

  1. Margaux

    love this! I didn’t recognize anybody though – but I loved the red outfit and the polkadot outfit with socks! cuteeeee. Makes me want to go shopping… 🙂

  2. Mary Marrero

    J’adore the red outfit as well! But my feet hurt just looking at those Loubs.

  3. Love these pictures. Fascinating to see all these people and their quirky dress. Clever how you got these shots and I love, love the black and white picture of ET with the people in silhouette. Clever!

    As I get older I find I am less and less interested in fashion.but for some I know it is almost a religion. I like nice clothes and looking smart, but “fashion” seems very detached from reality. It remains to be seen what trends will hit the high street. Maybe because I am no longer skinny and tall, nor can I wear most of them LOL!

    Love Denise

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