Meanwhile At Parc Monceau

My friends at home frequently tell me how much they  loved the photos I have taken of the two old friends who go to Parc Monceau together every afternoon around 3:00.  I am so glad that the men have touched hearts other than mine.

I looked for them one day in January , but they were not there.  Yesterday afternoon I went to the park and  made several laps without seeing them.  On my final lap I was delighted to see them slowly walking up the sidewalk to the park entrance.


Soon they were sitting on their regular bench, where one reads out loud to the other from a newspaper or a magazine.


If you missed my previous  obsessions  posts about these dear men, click here.

These were not the only familiar figures I saw at the park yesterday.  I found myself behind this couple and knew that I had snapped them before. I love the way they walk together, with their hands behind him.



last spring

last spring

I wonder how many times they have walked around the park together?

It was a gorgeous afternoon in Parc Monceau.




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4 responses to “Meanwhile At Parc Monceau

  1. Oh how lovely. I love seeing older couples showing affection. So glad it is acceptable these days. When I was young older people would never walk along the street hand in hand. Now we do it all the time.
    Glad it looks like the sun is back in Paris.
    Love denise

  2. Texan05

    So sweet!

  3. Rita

    Bonjour Kate,

    Toute est vraiment fabulous!!

    Merci mille fois!


  4. Cathy B.

    I am so glad our friends have returned! I told Cynthia to ask about them when she sees you. Thanks for the update….

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